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If you’re new around here, welcome. If you’ve been following me for a while, thank you. Either way, you should know that de la heart was born out of the love and personal passion for cultivating & delivering my knowledge, most recent discoveries, and best-kept wellness secrets to my community. And because I’m always looking for accessible and natural practices to restore and balance my daily life, these are always changing and evolving. This is a little bit of what I’m currently loving… xo Gigi
Most Frequently Used: The Body Brush 
Spring is a time of rebirth. Rebirth is also happening in our bodies, and dry brushing is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells, improve skin appearance, & promote cell renewal. I haven’t missed a day since Spring started!




 Healing: Dr. Lai Fan Chi, AP

I’ve been working with Dr. Chi for a while, but most recently on a weekly basis to keep qi (energy) flowing and prevent any blockages that could lead to disease. She’s helped me improve my energy levels, manage stress, and boost my immune system. 



Workout: DEDICA

After taking a break from yoga due to a pregnancy-caused joint dysfunction, I have slowly made it back and I’m now feeling stronger than ever on my mat. Deanna Di Carlo, my personal yoga coach, has been helping me reconnect and relaunch my practice. 



Facial: Flawless by Melissa Fox

I recently tried the Biologique Recherche Lifting Facial with remodeling face machine at Flawless by Melissa fox and my skin has never felt more oxygenated, lifted, toned, and contoured. This treatment definitely lived up to the hype. 



On Date Night: Casa Tua

Looking for a sexy, outdoor, delicious, candle-lit Italian dinner? Look no further and head to Casa Tua in Miami Beach. This hidden gem always hits the romantic spot. 

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