Journey Through Self-Love

In 2015, I embarked on a self-love journey. I had put enough years of damage towards my body & mind, and I had finally hit a wall living off burnout culture. Something had to change.
As you can imagine, I tried all the products & practices that all the health gurus had recommended. Eventually, I realized that the balance I was seeking had to come from within me. Self-love had to meet self-worth, so I went back to square one on the drawing board and began again.
I started journaling via what you now know as de la heart, implemented daily mindful movement into my schedule, meditated daily & adopted a plant-based diet. These rituals helped me remove the limitations that had previously made me kept me small, and they also changed my relationship to nourishing my body in later stages of my life, like motherhood.
These practices have carried me throughout the years and have kept me sane during tough times. I don't know what I would have done without them postpartum & during the stay-at-home order that COVID-19 had so many of us going crazy through. My Journey to self-love has led me to my best self. It gave me a gift that was not just for me to keep but also to share with the world. 
So here we are, six years later. I am still writing this blog from my laptop at home, but this time with little Shiva in one arm. I hope that if you are also ready to embark on your self-love journey, I can inspire you to keep moving forward.
Remember, the only way out is through. So, what are you waiting for?
With love & natural beauty,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
Self-love practices we love at de la heart:
Dedica Power Yoga with Deanna Di Carlo
Sculpt with Kim Donaldson
Microcurrent Facials with Jill Black
At-Home Lymphatic Drainage Massage using our Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool
Healthy Resets with Sakara Life
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