Girl of the Month: Meet Maky Hinson

I think we can all agree that 2017 was a powerful year—to say the least. I think we can also agree on the fact that we're all very happy 2018 is here. On a personal level, I had my best year yet! I am beyond grateful to my husband, my friends and family, and every single one of you who supported me on making De La Heart a reality. THANK YOU! We have soooo much in store for 2018 and we can’t wait to share it all with you guys. 
Every month we feature a new #delaheart girl. My intention with this feature is to bring light to the women in our community that are doing it all, or at least trying. From time to time, as women, we get lost in our daily roles and we loose motivation to pursue our passions, dreams, careers (or at least I do). I have found that connecting with other women helps me get back on track, get motivatited, or simply get that “If she can do it, so can I!” feeling that it’s so empowering!
I wanted to kick off 2018 with the chic foot so I couldn’t think of anyone who does chic better than Maky Hinson. She is Vogue magazine's “Miami's IT girl”, my Colombian soul sister (no, we are not related), kind-hearted, solid friend and human being, wife, mom of 2, and together with her husband, the pioneers of the art scene in Miami. She holds a chair in the acquisition board of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), Miami’s newest museum dedicated to innovative and experimental contemporary art, where she puts her knowledge about art and fashion to good use. Get to know Maky this month, as she shares her secrets about beauty and health, art, and fashion.

Please tell us what you do for a living. I am currently full-time mom to my two boys, Rocco and Kristopher, 6 and 1. I also travel the world with my husband in the search for new talent, artists and fashion designers, to add to our private collection.
Where does your passion for art and fashion come from? My dad is an architect so I grew up surrounded by art and design. The creativity behind my dad’s architectural projects always inspired me to pursue my passion for art and fashion.
Who’s your favorite fashion designer? I don’t have a favorite designer, I do, however, love the classic designs of Chanel and Valentino. I like to have fun with my clothes so I lean towards the bold prints and bright colors of Mary Katrantzou and Miu Miu.
Who’s your favorite contemporary artist? Mike Kelley. He’s one of the most influential artists of our time, his work is beautiful and its intended to make the viewer uncomfortable and confused. Im into that, hahaha!
What’s the one thing you never leave your house with? Sunblock! Specially living in Miami.
What’s your New Year resolution? I have been on mommy mode for a while now. This year, I want to kickstart my new project. I can’t give you too many details, but all I can say is that it will be amazing!
Where do you want to travel to in 2018? I love to travel. We do it for work and for fun. I love being exposed to different cultures and meeting different people. This year I want to visit Japan, Iceland, and Croatia.
What’s your go-to workout routine or regimen? I am all for low-intensity workouts. I believe a woman’s body responds its best when its relaxed. I go for long walks for cardio, I do Pilates a few times a week, and I have my trainer Kathy Donatto to work on those particularly stubborn areas.
Where do you work out and why do you go there? Because of my kids I like to workout at home or I go to the Pilates Place on Biscayne. It’s convenient and it allows for an in and out workout.
What is your approach to nutrition? I grew up in Colombia so we were raised on real, whole food. Nothing processed, everything homemade, and always organic. I still eat like that, and I make sure my kids do too.
What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? Drink plenty of water, get 8-10 hours of sleep, avoid the sun, late nights, and alcohol.
What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist? Like a proper Colombian I can’t say no to a Chocolatina Jet. Chocolate is definitely my favorite treat.
What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? The Vitamin C serum from SkinCeuticals. Life changing.
What’s your beauty secret? I don't get ANY sun on my face. I carry and wear a hat with me at all times. I also wash my face 3 times a day only with filtered water.
What’s your favorite restaurant in Miami? I like simple and fresh food. Nobu and Milos provide both with great flavors and an enjoyable ambiance.
Describe your ideal “date night” outfit. I’m either in workout clothes running after my kids or rocking a Miu Miu sequined mini dress and really high heels. So it depends on where we’re going…hahaha!


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