Girl of The Month: Meet Jenny Berger

Jenny Berger is the definition of effortless chic. She is also the blogger and founder of Miami Style Mom—the leading online destination for women who want to look their best without breaking the bank. Her natural love of fashion together with her adorable kids have made her a style influencer for all the fellow mamas looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends. “I am committed to helping all women dress well and feel confident” says Berger who does Spring style to perfection. We couldn’t think of a cooler girl to help us welcome the season in style. Meet Jenny Berger, our girl of the month of April! 

Describe a day in Jenny's Life: 
The first thing I do when I wake up between 5:45 and 6 is hurry and make coffee!  (I know I should be drinking water with lemon- need to get on this band wagon! ) Then I make breakfast for my kids which entails 5 different things because they start with wanting nothing and it ends up being a slew of things I have to make!  I rush to get Chloe and Jake ready- they first go back and fourth to see who wants to get dressed first.  I manage to get myself dressed usually in workout clothes and rush out the door to get them to school by 8:40 am!  I then usually take my laptop to Starbucks and work on my blog.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to Pilates at 11:30.  I pick up Chloe everyday from school at 1 and then Jake either at 3 or 4:45 depending on the day. 5:00 is dinner for the kids where it's either organic chicken nuggets, salmon, pasta, broccoli, etc depending on their moods.


How did you get started in your career? 
Before launching my blog in 2013, I spent ten years working in the fashion and lifestyle marketing sector for a diverse range of recognized industry leaders such as Perry Ellis International and Conde Nast Digital. Earlier in my career I represented emerging fashion designers and buyers at a leading New York City wholesale showroom and, during college, I served as a sales consultant at a fashion retailer in Denver. Ever since I can remember, fashion has been my focus. My friends, acquaintances and family members have long recognized my passion and expertise and often ask me for advice and counsel on all things fashion. 

 Fast forward to early 2015, my husband and I welcomed our adorable baby boy, Jake. Shortly after, I began hearing from many of my fellow new mamas that they felt they had fallen into a post-partum fashion rut and many asked me whether I had any insights or advice that could be helpful. Some told me they didn’t have the time to keep up with the latest trends. Others said they didn’t know how to pick stylish clothes or how to put together fresh-looking and relevant outfits that matched their new figure, life-stage and budget. I am committed to helping all women dress well and feel confident. That’s why Miami Style Mom was born! In 2017 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Chloe.  

What's the best part of living in Miami: 
The weather and I love how it's so colorful!
What Am I most proud of: 
My kids and my husband.
How do you balance a career, a healthy marriage, motherhood, social life and self-care:
I think it's very hard to balance everything, but it all starts with a healthy marriage- Chase and I set aside at least one date night per week to let loose and connect.  


Where are you From?  Dallas, Texas. I have lived in Miami for eight years
What's your fav spot in Miami: The Design District 
Can't leave the house without: A bottle of water!
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Favorite Coffee shop in Miami: Tasty Beach Cafe has the best iced coffees
Favorite season: Fall
Best way to decompress at home: drink tea and catch up on shows with my husband or work on my blog!
Favorite scent: I don't actually wear perfume but I love candles! Jo Malone Lime Basil and mandarin.
Last thing you cooked: Salmon.
What's on your reading list: I wish I had one!

How do you usually start your mornings?  Coffee + oatmeal and then running around trying to get my kids dressed!
What's your go to fitness routine? pilates, weight training and walking
Where do you workout/practice and why do you go there?  I go to Sobe Pilates and I go there because I love the teachers Susie and Tina.  I also train with Roni who is amazing!
Do you have a personal trainer? yes.
What is your approach to nutrition? Eat everything you want in moderation
Lifestyle must dos and no ways: Must do is staying active every single day- even if that means walk around design district or Bal Harbour shops!  


Whats your passed down from mom beauty secret? Don’t wear too much makeup and stay out of the sun!
Best beauty tip you ever received. Never wear too much makeup- keep it simple. 
Beauty tip to share: Always wear sunscreen and stay out of sun!


Favorite App: Snap Seed to edit pictures since I don't use professional photographers.
Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram and Reward Style!
Favorite Person to Follow on Instagram: I'm loving @thefashionbugblog. Her looks are so theatrical and pretty and she styles her bump so perfectly!
Last google Search: Linking clothing for Reward Style 
Person you text the most: Romi, owner of Lola James Jewelry
Favorite Store to Shop in Miami: the Webster- I don't actually shop there but I love to look and get inspiration.

What's your favorite city in the world? Paris
Where do you want to travel next? Paris
Last trip you took: Just came back from Colombia for my cousin's wedding.
How do you describe your personal style: Comfort is key for me, but I still want to look good. I wear lower heels these days and buy pieces that I can wear for years to come! Instead of purchasing lower end items all the time, I opt for more high-end pieces that I can wear over and over again.
Favorite Designer: Ulla Johnson
All time favorite fashion purchase you made: denim Chanel bag!


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