Girl of the Month: Meet Iman Hasan

Life, in many ways, is a balancing act—constant juggle between work, play, relationships, and health. Maintaining a well-balanced life is not only crucial for your happiness and overall well-being, but also essential for achieving your full potential in order to accomplish your goals. 
The girl of the month of March is a pro at this balancing act. Iman Hasan, the 5’2 Pakistani that has taken the PR world by storm, put her eyes on Miami 5 years ago and has never looked back. At only 19, Iman landed her first job working as an intern for Tatler Magazine in London. As she continued to climb the corporate ladder, she worked for in London, Harpers Bazaar Arabia in Dubai, Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols, became a co-owner of her own firm—RAC in Miami, and is now a managing partner of the Miami office for 5th Column PR. “I try to live a healthy balanced life although my work does dominate a lot of it.” says Hasan who’s been able to find support in her friends and family, her cat Aria and dog Kaito, a life coach, and nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler. Get to know Iman this month, as she’s the girl that can do it all.

This girl is busy! Iman is the Head of Influencer Marketing, Digital Strategy and Social Media at 5TH Column PR- a creative communications agency that focuses on brand development and growth. She’s also the head of strategic partnerships for Paraiso (formerly known as Swim Week). In addition, she’s a contributing fashion editor for Emirates Woman- one of the highest circulated Middle East publications and Haute Living Magazine.

Describe a day in Iman’s life. I wake up every day at 6:30am and start my day off with hot water and lemon, followed by celery juice. Most days I try to work out in the mornings otherwise my days get too chaotic.
After this I usually have a morning briefing with my team from the Miami office, Cami Sarria and Lauren Grifol, where we organize what we’re working on throughout the day. I try to schedule all my meetings in the afternoon so I can get through all client emails and calls in the morning. I usually wrap up my day around 7/8 pm. But as most people know life in PR is non-stop, so as much as I would like to be done by 8pm some days my day ends later. I am trying to get into the habit of reading before bed and turn my phone on silent  and get some rest! Reducing my dependence of cell phone usage at night has increased my sleep quality. Sometimes I feel 24 hours in a day aren’t enough.

Tell us about your career journey.  I started at 19  years old. Before I graduated, I got an internship with Tatler Magazine in London, I always wanted to work at Vogue House in Mayfair and I happened to live 15 mins away. I got hired one summer as an intern to help the managing editor while her assistant was on sabbatical. Right after I got my master’s degree I landed a job with I lived in Dubai for 4 years and I was in house at Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols and was a columist for Harpers Bazaar Arabia. During my time there, I ran the PR events and styling team.
Later I moved back to London and then to Miami, I worked at a boutique PR agency before  I became co-owner of a RAC- a fashion and lifestyle firm that I owned for 3 years before venturing of to a more corporate setup at Kreps De Maria, where I started their Lifestyle and Events division, which was a completely new arm for the agency. Late last year I joined 5th Column PR and partnered up with the agency to start the Miami office which I run and oversee.  

What’s the best thing about living in Miami? More than anything, I love the weather. It’s the perfect climate, you never have to overthink and layer, but if I am in the mood for  of some layering and change of weather there is always a good reason to visit our NY office. Besides this, I love that Miami is a becoming a melting pot. I have seen the city evolve and grow so much over the past 5 1/2 years I have lived here. 
What are you most proud of? I feel most proud that I left my safety net in London 5 years ago. I was fortunate enough to have grown up with a comfortable and secure upbringing along with the support of my family.   As odd as this may sound, these circumstances can be ironically hindering so I am proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a leap of faith to build my own agency and achieved my own goals in a foreign land with no friends or relatives. Having the privilege of being referred to as “self-built” is a badge that I gladly wear with honor and pride.

What are some new projects you’re currently working on and would like to share with us? I am currently working with Paraiso, which as I mentioned was formerly known as Swim Week, to open up their demographics and bring in a more elevated presence. I’m also growing The 5th Column Miami office and team, while attracting in new business. Additionally, I am focusing more on my Instagram page to make it more curated and project centric. I also consul for two very unique handbag designers called Tambonita and Ming-Ray. 

How do you balance a demanding career, a healthy relationship, social life, and taking care of yourself? I try to live a healthy balanced life although my work does dominate a lot of it. Luckily, I am dating a very supportive person who understands my career and pushes me to reach all my goals. I am also seeing Dr. Charles Passler- a very well-known nutritionists who has helped me with my energy levels and eating clean which is what keeps me energized through the day. 

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Miami? I am from Pakistan but I was born in the United States, moved to London when I was 12, I have lived in Dubai for 4 years from 2009-2014 and then moved to Miami. I have been living here for 5 years 
What’s your favorite spot in Miami? My favorite spots in Miami are Mandolin for lunch, and Kyu for dinner and Azabu for sushi 
Can’t leave the house without? My Mophie phone charger and my cellphone (and Airpods)
Coffee or teaI am definitely a matcha tea person 
Favorite coffee shop in Miami. Definitely OTL in Design District- it's super cute and spacious and has delicious food. We work out of there at times and I love Dreamer on the beach. 
Favorite season. Summer! 
Best way to decompress at home. I like to take long baths when I can, and also try to read. I am big into mantras and meditations. 
Favorite scent. Pomegranate Noir from Jo Malone and my personal scent is La Vie Est Belle by Lancome. 
Last thing you cooked. Indian food! I’m really good in the kitchen when it comes to Indian food. 
What’s on your reading list. Jeff Bezo’s The Everything Store and Jo Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural. 
Having a dinner party. What are guests going to expect? Guests can expect a perfectly set table and beautiful flowers. I’m all about the presentation! Given my business schedule I usually don’t have much time to cook so I get Chef Benjamin  to come over and cook something delicious! 

How do you usually start your mornings? With hot water and lemon followed by celery juice 
What’s a regular breakfast for you? I do intermediate fasting so I actually don’t eat breakfast. 
What is the first thing you thought of this morning? About all my things I needed to get done today and making a to-do list for my team!
What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen? I work out with my trainer 2-3 a week. I alternate with flywheel and Barry’s boot-camp, and I swear by Jetset Pilates and yoga 
Where do you work out/practice and why do you go there? My trainer Salim Koroma comes to the gym with me and he’s the best trainer I have worked with. I do flywheel for occasional cardio with Amy Segal (@spinmama)I love her class because its uplifting and fun. I also go to Sol yoga- my favorite yoga spot with awesome inspiring instructors like @mimilicious and when I do make it to Barry’s I only go to Marisa Herron or Gui classes. 
 What is your approach to nutrition? I’m on a nutrition program with Doctor Passler from New York who is known for creating amazing diet and healthy lifestyle eating plans. Because of him it has been super easy to switch to a more plant/fish based diet! I have our Chef Banjamin prepare all my meals based of his program, so it’s easier for me to eat clean and stay healthy. 
What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”?  I must stay fit, as it helps me release extra energy, I am someone who has a ton of natural energy and I like to put my body to bed exhausted every night.  As well as live a very spiritual-driven lifestyle. I also have an amazing  life coach Denise Lynn who I speak to or see regularly! She is based in New York. I am into holistic medicine and try to stay away from pharmaceutical medicines.   

What’s your “passed down from Mom” beauty secret? Cutting my hair around full moon so it grows faster back! And also always washing face before bed no matter time and never to leave the house without Sunblock. 
Best beauty tip you ever received. Super important to double moisturize eyes at night to lessen bags and hydrate that area. 
What’s a beauty secret you want to share with us. I think it's really important to vary facials and try out different ones to get diverse benefits 
What’s your must have beauty product. SkinCeuticals ‘s Discoloration Defense and Tata Harper’s Illuminating Eye-Cream 
Best facial. Gee Beauty Kennia specially when she customizes the facial and Victoria at Daniela Carega Plastic Surgery. She has the most magical reiki hands she incorporates into the massage.
What’s your philosophy about beauty. I think beauty is very personal and has no limits, standards or boundaries. I’m also not against botox, fillers or any type of enhancements. I think it's all about personal preference. Skin care is very important but more than anything it is important to find the perfect routine you can stick to that will work for your own skin!

Favorite app. Instagram 
Favorite social-media platform. Instagram 
Favorite person to follow on Instagram. Maria Tettamanti 
Last google search. Paris hotels since we’re heading to Paris Fashion Week next week!
Person you text the most. Usually my business partner Akbar Hamid hands down! Followed by my team Cami and Lauren.

Where’s the best cocktail in Miami? Callypso Garden 12 from Broken Shaker! 
Favorite store to shop in Miami. Bossa concept 
Favorite song. Say Something by Justin Timberlake  
What’s your idea of a perfect date. Hanging out with my Ori anywhere honestly. But we’re both big foodies so trying out any new restaurant or traveling is always a perfect idea 
What’s your favorite city in the world. London is my hometown, but I also love Istanbul .
Where do you want to travel next.  We’re actually heading to Italy for one of my bestfriends wedding, so I am very excited since I have been dying to go there. My boyfriend lived in Italy for 11 years so I am very excited to go with him and experience Italy with an ex-local.
Last trip you took. New York, for New York Fashion Week
What words do you live by.Go big or go home” 
How do you describe your personal style. Modern chic with a bohemian touch 
Favorite designer. This changes all the time for me. Recently I came across Sally La Pointe which I love! 
All-time favorite fashion purchase you ever made. My custom made dress from Mary Katranzou 

If you could offer dating advise to your 18 year old self, what would it be? You’re going to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince. Hang in there!
Are you married or have you been married before? Yes. I’ve been married and happily divorced and have no regrets! 
What’s your idea of a perfect date? An uninterrupted weekend getaway with my significant other. 
What’s the secret to a healthy relationship? Having boundaries and accepting each other for who they are. 
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