Girl of the Month: Alessandra Meyer Woelden

I always look forward to the girl of the month feature. My intention is to show how unique, raw, and real these girls are. It’s something that always touches me in other women. I love creating content around what it means to be successful for a woman, which I believe looks different for everybody. Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer Woelden defines success on her own terms. This German beauty is a model, TV host, jewelry designer, digital influencer, and a mom of 5—yes, you read it right, FIVE! Talk about a woman who does it all.
We talked to Sandy about love, health, beauty, sex, and we will be sharing it with you all month long! Enjoy!!
Please tell us what you do for a living. 
I have worked in the entertainment industry in Germany for the last 10 years, mostly in front of the camera. I have also been modeling since I was 16 years old and last but not least own my own brand lovechild.
How did you get started with your career?
I always was intrigued by the entertainment industry so I decided that I wanted to work on television. Once I put that in my mind I decided to study broadcasting at the University of Miami.
How’s a day in Sandy’s life?
Suuuper hectic as being the CEO of a family of 7 is not always easy, but thankfully rewarding. 🙂
What’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without?
Besides my cell phone, living in Miami I would have to say Sunscreen, SPF 50 as I am paranoid about being overexposed to the sun.
How do you find time to do it all—family, work, fun, etc?
I guess being German I was taught to have a solid structure and to be well organized. We have a daily routine that rarely changes and everything is organized around that. I basically have the whole family on a schedule.
What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen?
I try to work out 5 times a week. I like to change things up as I get bored repeating the same fitness routine over and over. I like to do different workouts on different days, combining things such as Dance with Power Pilates on a weekly basis.
Where do you work out and why do you go there?
I like to work out at DBC Fitness in the Design District. There is a lot of top athletes training there, so I find the setting to be extremely professional and of course motivating.
What is your approach to nutrition?
Being a mother of 5 children, living a healthy lifestyle is key and that starts with nutrition. You are what you eat and that is what I teach my children everyday!!!!!
What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? 
I don’t believe in dieting! I believe the key is being consistent about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in order to avoid a roller coaster ride. 
What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist?
Bags and shoes hahahahaha. Let’s consider that a cheat treat...they last longer than any dessert! 😋
What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?
I am crazy about removing all my makeup before going to sleep. So I’ve been obsessed with the Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover for many years!
What’s your beauty secret?
Keeping my face hydrated with hyaluronic acid serum on a daily basis!
What’s your favorite “date night” restaurant in Miami?
Cipriani downtown! 
What’s the perfect “first date” outfit.
Not too risky, but still sexy! 
Describe your ideal Valentine’s day date. 
I’m a die hard romantic, so in my ideal world the date would last all day...start with breakfast in bed, continue with a romantic couples spa day and end with a beautiful candlelit dinner for 2!
What are 3 gifts a girl could give their guy for Valentine’s day?
I thought it was only the guys giving the girls? Lol! .... 😂
If you had to give one piece of advise for single girls out there looking for “the one”, what would it be?
Stop stressing about it....all you need is 1 good one...and he is out there!!!!!
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