Gigi Lately: Inner Growth Season

If you’re new around here, welcome. If you’ve been following me for a while, thank you. Either way, you should know that de la heart was born out of the love and personal passion for cultivating & delivering my knowledge, travel guides, best-kept wellness secrets, and most recent discoveries to my community. And while I discovered yoga 10 years ago, I recently embarked on a journey to deepen my practice & knowledge and joined a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) led by Shayne Cohen & Fred Busch. Welcome to the yoga edition of Gigi Lately…



Totes are a must-have this school season, and our limited edition tote has been the perfect companion during my YTT. It’s so versatile & timeless, I even gifted it to all my fellow trainees to remind us of how hard we’ve worked to become who we are today. You too can join our #selfloveclub!



3 hours of uninterrupted yoga practice daily? You read it right, it’s part of our training. And while this may sound crazy to some, this is a dream come true. You all know I love a challenging asana & IG friendly inversion, but the real flex is what this multidimensional practice has done for my overall health, mind, spirit and self-confidence. Can’t wait to share these powerful awareness tools with you!



Where my Virgo’s at??? I’m turning 35 in exactly a week, and we’re celebrating the only way I know how…with a fabulous getaway with a few of my favorite humans! Stay tuned for more.



The same duo that brought us La Pollita, the popular Mexican food truck, opened their own eatery in the heart of Buena Vista and it’s become my favorite restaurant in Miami. This 27-seat hidden gem offers a seasonal selection of beautifully executed dishes with plenty of plant-based options. (We are required to eat plant-based for the duration of our YTT). 

p.s. It’s super hard to get in, so make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time. 

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