Gigi Lately Holiday ’22 Edition

If you’re new around here, welcome. If you’ve been following me for a while, thank you. Either way, you should know that de la heart was born out of the love and personal passion for cultivating & delivering my knowledge, travel guides, best-kept wellness secrets, and most recent discoveries to my community. December is finally here and as we get ready to wrap up the year, I can’t help but look back at 2022 with so much love and gratitude. During this time I like to slow down, go in, and focus on what’s truly important. I take time to gather with my loved ones, celebrate my wins, find opportunity in what I missed, and prepare to welcome the energy new beginnings. Here’s a little of what I’ve been loving, and a little of what’s to come! Xo Gigi 


Most Frequently Used: White Jade Gua Sha
After the live tutorial I did with Jen Stoeckert from @minimalbeauty on how-to maximize the use of our Gua Sha facial tools, I’ve been so consistent with my daily Gua Sha facial that my face and neck are looking more sculpted, lifted, and smooth. They also make the most beautiful & thoughtful gift!


Favorite Workout: Yoga
One of my biggest accomplishments of 2022 was being able to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Naturally, yoga continues to be my workout or I should say, work-in of choice. Been loving Dan’s class at modoyoga, a challenging and innovative vinyasa flow class integrating breath, strength, flexibility, and advanced postures. Not for the weak!


Next Trip: Time To Hit The Slopes

Where I'm Eating: Bocadoro
Want to live longer? Do as the Spaniards do. Spain is set to be the country with the longest life expectancy by 2040, and you all know this is music to my ears. That’s why I’ve been eating a couple a times a week. Straight from Ibiza, Spain the new gem of the MIA Market features an ensemble of European food focusing on offering “the perfect bite” without compromising quality or taste. 


Santa Baby…’Tis The Season
For the first time ever, this year I’ll be hosting two holiday shopping events, where I will be helping you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Come say hi and join me @bubblesmiamirx this Thursday 12/8 @11am & next Tuesday 12/13 @theshowroommiami in Coral Gables. Tons of gifts, tutorials, and light bites by Pura Vida. Hope to see you there!
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