Gigi Lately: Happy New Year!

If you’re new around here, welcome. If you’ve been following me for a while, thank you. Either way, you should know that de la heart was born out of the love and personal passion for cultivating & delivering my knowledge, travel guides, best-kept wellness secrets, and most recent discoveries to my community. That’s why I want to kick off 2023 by wishing you a year filled with beauty, love and light, self-care and of course a new Gigi Lately.

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a slow start to the year. I’m usually one to set resolutions and go full throttle, but not this year. Instead, I took time off to rest and be with my family, reconnect with friends, and set goals with intention. I personally find goals much more attainable than resolutions, and the new year is an excellent time to reassess where you are and where you want to go. And speaking of going, here’s a little of what I’m manifesting for 2023!

xo Gigi


Every year I set a travel goal for myself. This year is to visit at least 3 new places
I’ve never been to before—near or far, big or small, only rule is they have to be
new. 2023’s dream three are: Costa Rica, Japan, & Morocco.


LAST TRIP: Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida
I’ve already accomplished 1/3 of my travel goals this year by visiting Peppa Pig
Theme Park in Winter Haven, FL #winning. Last weekend we took Shiva & baby Ronnie to Peppa Pig theme park, and it was so much fun! This park is designed to immerse the little kids right in the world of Peppa and her friends—all the rides are age appropriate; the staff is so kind, the park is stunning and very well-kept…my kids were so happy and had the time of their lives. I really recommend this park for small kids; it’s totally worth the hype. One thing though, bring your own food!


Miami winter is like no other in the world. Think 70 and sunny with clear blue
skies. No humidity and a fresh breeze. And while it may not be hot, it’s still
sunny, so make sure to protect your skin from the sun! My number one skin
secret? Wear your visors and SPF. My go-to? Alastin Skincare Hydrating Pro
Mineral Sunscreen for the ultimate protection and glow.

We spent our Christmas break in Aspen, CO and we skied almost every day for
4-6 hours. Being active in a beautiful outdoor environment can’t be topped. But,
is skiing a good workout? The answer is “yes”—skiing is a form of interval
training, which we know provides a wide range of longevity & fitness benefits. Also, the knee and hip movements that take place while skiing engage more muscles in your lower-body than other forms of exercise. And for someone who didn’t grow up skiing like me, I really have to put in the work…my legs are still sore! Tune into my YouTube channel for the full ski vlog.

SELF-CARE IS IN: January Events You Can’t Miss
“How much protein do we need?” expert talk with functional nutritionist,
Alessandra Taylor, Wednesday January 25th @4pm on @delaheart IG account.
“Flow + Glow Beauty and Wellness Panel”, Saturday January 28th @11am
@skinlocal Dadeland.

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