Gifts That Cost Little to Nothing

It's that time of year again! With constant reminders to shop and buy gifts everywhere you go, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the holiday madness. The pressure to get everyone on the Christmas list is REAL. Hold your panic attack, the best gift you can give or receive is one from the heart. The essence of giving someone a gift is about showing your love and appreciation. We got creative and found 7 Gifts That Cost Nothing and that will make you look like a queen/king!

1. Host a Dinner Date: Have someone over for dinner and spend time together. In a world where time is money, quality time is quite the gift! Use whatever you have in your kitchen and laugh it off.

2. Fulfill a Favor: Offer your time and energy helping someone with a favor. Maybe that's watching your friend's kids for a night or helping them clean out their closet. Gift someone the priceless feeling of checking something major off their to-do list!

3. Bake Something: Do your friends and family constantly drop hints to bake them those brownies you're famous for? Surprise your loved one with their favorite dessert made by you. 

4. "Pick Me Up" Quote Jar: Print out 30-50 inspirational quotes, then cut and fold them up so you can't read them. Stuff them into a mason jar and decorate the "Pick Me Up" jar however you'd like. Your loved one can use this jar throughout the year whenever they're having a tough day or are in need on motivation.

5. Gift Your Favorite Book: Choose a book from you love from your personal collection that you love and gift it. Add a personal note explaining why that book make you think of them.

6. Gratitude List: Write a list of 30-50 reasons why you are grateful for this person in your life. The more personal, the better! 

7. Hidden Talents: Are you great at giving massages, manicures/pedicures, taking photos or doing makeup? Everyone has a hidden talent - give yours to someone you love as a redeemable coupon. 

Happy Holidays Natural Beauties! xx

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