Environmental Month 2021 - Let's Eat More Plants

As a mother & a health guide to many, I believe that leading by example is the only way. Since taking on parenthood, a very new stage of my life, I've become more interested in nutrition, food history & its development. Like everything we talk about at de la heart, I would not recommend products, rituals, food, or a lifestyle that I wouldn't support. Today, I want to talk a bit about mealtime at my house & how our perception of consumption has shifted over time.
Mealtime with my family has always been a significant part of my day. It is a time to share as well as educate each other about current events in the world. The newest dinner time conversation between my husband & I has been about procreating with our environment through our food. We aren't an utterly plant-based household, and we consume fish, eggs & dairy every so often. 
I live by intuitive eating, listening to my body, & setting this ethos as an example to Shiva, who follows every action I take. With this said, I also wouldn't feed my daughter anything I also wouldn't eat. Our choices on our plate matter just as much as our political votes. As Tony Robbins says, "energy flows, where attention goes," so let's redirect that energy to impact our world & environment positively! 
Below is a list of documentaries that have opened my eyes and have inspired me to make changes in my personal life:
Let's eat more plants and continue to make conscious choices for ourselves & future generations. 
Happy Environmental Month, my natural beauties!
With all the love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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