How A Breakup Turned My Life Around

If the post-Valentine's Day "I'm single" blues have hit, or if you're simply not where you want to be romantically, please keep on reading.
Four years ago, on Valentine's Day, I called off my wedding 4 weeks before walking down the isle. I remember that morning as one of the "Aha!" moments of my life—a moment when I got honest with myself & realized that even though the man I was about to marry was great, he was not great for me, and we were definitely not great together. 
Going through the saddest, messiest breakup of my life  during Valentine's Day was not easy. I remember crying my eyes out as I scrolled through everyone's pictures of red roses, chocolates, romantic trips, and thoughtful surprises. Picture this: I went from wedding bells ringing to moving out and moving on. My life felt like it had flipped upside down. It was hands down, the worst Valentine's Day ever.
A few days later, as I’m navigating this breakup, I received an unexpected phone call from a fun, handsome guy I had lightly dated during one of the "off" times of my previous relationship. 
He had "heard" about what happened and was wondering if I was okay. I thought to myself, how thoughtful but didn’t think anything of it. We started texting and talking, and the more we got to know each another, the more I realized I had a lot of emotional clean up to do before I could even entertain the idea of a new relationship. I also learned that he was in a sticky romantic situation himself…so I decided to take a step back, focus on myself, and leave the rest in the Universe's hands.
Months went by, and this guy reappeared. This time with a relentless "she's not getting away this time" attitude, which I was totally into and ready for.
At that point, I had gone through SO much pain, healing & I knew exactly what I wanted. I had worked hard to heal myself, and I didn't want to get hurt again. One thing led to next, and we went on a date, which turned to numerous dates, and the next thing I knew, we were engaged 6 months later! Today that "fun, handsome guy" is the love of my life, my husband, and father of my two kids. 
This story is not about the "happily ever after." It's about changing your perspective on the things and situations that happen in our lives. This story is about trusting that the Universe is carrying you to the place you need to be and that sometimes all we have to do is surrender to its power by loving and choosing ourselves first. Cliché, but in my case, a true story. 
Sending love & sweetness your way,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team 
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