5 Easy Ways To Recycle At Home

As we plan the future of De La Heart, we vow to stay in rhythm with ourselves, with the world around us, and always with Mother Earth. 
 Our foundation has always been to have our actions as a company & community positively impact our world not just today but every day. We proudly transitioned out of our plastic mailer into earth-friendly boxes made from post-consumer recycled materials. Our new paper packaging is easily compostable and saves the earth by conserving energy & reducing landfill space. Secondly, we have committed to partner with manufacturers who empower the community and care for the planet the same way we do.
Small changes eventually add up to significant results. You've shown yourself that the power lies in your hands in many ways and you too, can make one of these small efforts.

For #EarthDay2022 we're sharing our quick guide to easy hacks on making your everyday living more sustainable while also recycling at home.

1.  Bring your reusable Self-Love Club Reusable Tote to your grocery haul. They also sell fun printed ones at most grocery stores.

2. Upcycle glass containers. Re-use your Almond & Jojoba Oil bottles by turning them into candle holders, storage bottles, or get creative for the holidays and turn them into a festive arts and crafts project for your home.

3. Love to juice? Compost your veggie and fruit juice pulp by saving and taking it to a nearby community garden.

4. Shop from sustainable and quality companies. The better the quality, the longer it will last you, and the less impact it will have on our planet.

5. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Organize a clothing swap with friends and bring anything you plan to get rid of. From clothing to home decor, your old stuff is a lucky find for someone else!

How do you plan to take the pledge for a better, brighter Earth?
Happy #EarthDay2022 beauties!
With love,
Gigi & The DLH Team
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