5 Ways To Reset After A Holiday

It’s Sunday after Thanksgiving and chances are, that you (like many of us), over indulged over the holiday weekend. It’s safe to say your body may be needing a break or a reset after feasting on turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, & your grandma’s buttery mashed potatoes.

However, I’m not one to resort to crash diets or hours of exercise to get back on track. I believe that all you need to do is give your body a break from the strain of digesting greasy/fatty foods to allow it to focus on its digestive process. Your body knows how to heal itself, and these are a few of my favorite ways to help it along the way.


1. Replace One of your daily meals with vegetable broth: This is an accessible and affordable ritual that anyone can practice at home. I find that it brings back my natural digestive rhythm in just a short time, and all it takes is at least a day of vegetable broth to reset my body. Find my recipe HERE.

2. Drink warm lemon water: Lemon water helps to flush out some of that extra sodium that was hiding in the thanksgiving sides that are causing you to bloat! Staying hydrated in general will help to keep you regular, but adding fresh lemon juice to your water will help speed up the process since it stimulates the digestive enzymes in your system!

3. Snack on coconut yogurt: It’s no secret probiotics are a must for supporting healthy digestion so consuming fermented foods such as coconut yogurt will help you to get the necessary good bacteria your gut needs in order to function smoothly.

4. Papaya for breakfast (on an empty stomach): Filled with the enzyme papain, which helps to fight inflammation and break down food, papayas soothe the digestive process after a heavy meal and also provide you with your daily dose of fiber and vitamin A. 

5. 16oz of celery juice to start your day: Whether you toss them into your juicer or snack on them with some hummus, celery helps to clear out any excess water and gas from your GI tract and since they’re a natural diuretic due to the silicon and sulfur they contain, you should have no problems removing waste and toxins!

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