5 Affirmations To Manifest Love

As the countdown to Valentine's Day comes to a close, many of us look for ways to call in more love into our lives. Unfortunately, many of us overlook loving ourselves as the most critical step to manifesting true, authentic love. Because everything is energy & we attract the energy we give off to the world, it is important to release any negative thought patterning we may have picked up on.
Louise Hay was the mother of affirmations. She believed our words were so powerful that they could manifest physical illnesses and ailments if we weren't mindful of their use. As a motivational speaker, and through her many self-help books, she touched millions of lives worldwide.
Some people use affirmations to feel rooted in their daily lives; others use them to stay present, lower anxiety and remain in a state of joy. Whatever your intention be, affirmations should always remain positive. Think of the energetics around the words that you use. If you speak out with love, it will always rebound its way back to you.
Below are five affirmations to help you vibrate higher & support you in manifesting love into your life:
  1. I am worth loving; there is love all around me. - Louise Hay
  2. I am loving awareness. - Ram Dass
  3. I am a vessel for love, and it radiates from me at all times. 
  4. I practice Metta (LOVE) everywhere I go and in everything I do. - Buddhist Teachings
  5. Love is my birthright. I welcome it with open arms.
Let these words live in you. Weave them through your whole being. Make them personal vows of love, so they no longer flow through you, but they become a part of you. 
 May you manifest the love that you so truly deserve.
With love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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