We’re just a few weeks into the New Year, so we wanted to do a little recap of what we’re doing (and not doing!) in 2023.



  • Dry Brushing: Dry brushing helps boost circulation, stimulate your detox flow and sweep away dead skin that’s dulling your glow. Use a brush with firm-yet-flexible bristles on your body, and choose one with super-soft bristles for the more delicate skin on your face.
  • Outdoor walks: Studies show that spending just 2 hours a week in nature helps to lower levels of stress hormones, reduce blood pressure, improve your mood and give your immune system a boost. Outside, here we come!
  • Going to bed early: Getting the proper amount of sleep (for most of us, that’s 7-9 hours per night) is crucial, but when you go to bed matters too. Hitting the sack before midnight helps optimize our body’s natural circadian rhythm, leading to a host of benefits including a sharper mind, more radiant skin (nighttime is when skin goes into serious repair mode) and even a longer lifespan.
  • Longevity practices: Speaking of long lifespans, we’re practicing well-aging habits including healthy eating, intermittent fasting and mindful movement in 2023. We’re also incorporating NAD Therapy (a new therapy that experts believe can help optimize cellular function as you age, read more here).
  • Lymphatic drainage: Lymphatic drainage massage and traditional maderotherapy (Colombian wood therapy) are the heart and soul of our brand. This year (like every year!) we’re using our Body Massage Tool to perform a quick and simple lymphatic drainage massage every day. Take 5 minutes for this self-care ritual and you’ll boost detox flow, reduce tension, support your immune system and see a more sculpted body contour.
  • Glowing skin: Okay, we know, glowing skin is always in! But this year, we’re focusing on using skincare tools to boost radiance naturally. Our Stainless Steel and White Jade Gua Sha tools help to boost circulation (giving you a natural glow), as well as sculpt, depuff and relieve tension. If you hold tension in your jaw, you need Gua Sha in your life!



  • Skipping sunscreen: It’s tempting to rush out the door with no SPF, but UVA & UVB rays still have the potential to cause skin damage, even on cloudy days. Find the SPF that works for you (it may take some trial and error) and apply every. single. day.
  • Late nights: See “going to bed early” on the What’s In list! Staying up past midnight is fine on occasion, of course, but if you do it regularly, you’re working against your body’s optimal circadian rhythm, not supporting it.
  • Processed foods: Your body is a reflection of what you put into it. We’re all about clean, whole foods that promote health and wellness. Need some inspiration? Check out the Food section of the blog for easy recipes!
  • Hangovers: Dehydrated skin, puffiness, inflammation… overindulging on alcohol has a host of detrimental effects on your body. Here’s to moderation in 2023. Choose natural or organic wine when possible, and for each sip of wine, take a sip of water.
  • Burning out: Burnout? Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. This year we’re making it a priority to take time for self-care… whether that means lymphatic drainage massage, being in nature, or simply taking a little time to do nothing at all. If you’re the type who has a hard time with the last one, flip your mindset. Don’t think of downtime as think of “doing nothing,” think of it as essential recharging time for your mind and body.
  • All Zoom, all the time: Needless to say, the pandemic was a challenging time for everyone. We’re still on Zoom of course, but we’re looking forward to much more IRL face time in 2023!
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