2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner & we're here to celebrate all the mama's! Every being on this planet has the ability to mother. If you're leading from your heart with compassion, patience, & love, you are mothering every day. To all the caregivers out there, doing their best to spread their love & mother the best they can, this one is for you. Thank you for loving us like one of your own, for holding us in your arms, & for mending our broken hearts when we needed a little extra love. You are uncomparable. Today is all yours.
With love,
Gigi & The De la Heart Team

For The Chill Mama 

  •  Olivia Von Hale Pajamas - Silk & bedtime is a luxury pairing! Have her take the rest she deserves in the most luscious set of sleepwear by fashion designer Olivia Von Hale.

For The Super Chic Mama 

For The Mama On-The-Go 

  •  Loewe Inlay Basket Bag - Mama, is always on the go, & a good companion is essential. This spacious & fashionable bag is the perfect accessory from meetings to daycare.

For The Spa Loving Mama 

For The Mama With The Good Hair 

  • Act and Acre Scalp Gua Sha - Soothe her senses with this unique scalp gua sha designed for releasing tight muscles & relieving headaches. 

For The Wellness Mama 

  •  DLH Body Renewal Kit - Mama deserves some "me" time, & what better way to give it to her than through the gift of self-care. Give her & her body the day of regeneration they deserve with the best-selling Body Renewal Kit by natural beauty guru de la heart.

For The Fit Mama 

  •  Melissa Wood Health Monthly Subscription - Have her enjoy the low impact yet effective workouts taught by the long, lean lines queen herself, Melissa Wood. Bonus points: Wind her down post-workout with some guided meditations by MWH.

For The Bath Loving Mama 

  • DLH Bath Salts - Baths are a great way to wind down after a long, hard day of mothering! Help her relax with this unique blend of dried florals, magnesium & sea salt.

For The Nature Lovin' Mama

For The Environmentally Conscious Mama

For The Lovely Smelling Mama

  • Tom Ford Rose Prick Perfume - A bottled garden full of roses will last her longer than that bouquet. She'll smell like the lovely, wild & unique flower that she is!

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