10 Reasons Why I Choose to Start My Day With a Glass of Green Juice

Personally, I’m a big fan of green juice, specially when paired with an alkaline and anti-inflammatory diet, fresh organic foods, and superfoods. It is no secret that green juice is a powerhouse of a drink, filled with phytonutrients and enzymes, which is why wellness experts agree you should have at least one 16oz serving of green juice a day. You have also probably heard about the healing powers of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach. And, after a decade of trying it all, below are 10 reasons why I choose to start my day with a glass of green juice. My current fave: celery, cucumber, and lemon.

  1. Natural sodium in celery and cucumber raise stomach acid, and when drank first thing in the morning primes you for optimal digestion for the rest of the day. 
  2. Celery, cucumber, and lemon are major alkaline foods. They help purge the body of acid and toxic and cleanse the liver and bloodstream like nothing else. 
  3. Electrolytes allow energy to flow, passing information from cell to cell throughout the body. Electrolytes in both cucumber and celery help cells receive oxygen, giving them the ability to detoxify and eliminate poisons. Bye-bye bloating!
  4. Antioxidants in green juice eliminate fatty deposits and toxic heavy metals from your body—these are usually stored in the brain and the liver. 
  5. Celery, cucumber, and lemon are considered to be prebiotic foods as they starve unproductive bacteria, and allows colonies of good bacteria to thrive. Say Adios to Candida!
  6. It reduces my cravings. Oftentimes, cravings are the body’s way of calling out for nutrients the are low or depleted in. When all my body’s nutritional needs are met first thing in the morning, I feel satisfied throughout the day. 
  7. It controls my appetite. Same reasoning behind #5. I’m able to eat smaller portions and make better food decisions throughout the day because I am much more satiated from the get-go. 
  8. Clears my skin from acne and breakouts. This alkaline drink starves strep bacteria in the liver and lymphatic system—which is often the cause for acne. It helps flush out toxic foods that fuel strep growth. 
  9. I feel sharper. Natural salts in cucumber and celery fuel stomach acids to break down proteins and amino acids in our food. Amino acids are precursor for creating neurotransmitters, which in fact make me smarter. 
  10. Increased energy. The phytonutrients in green juice are a straight-up source of energy. Helping you kick that coffee addiction good-bye!
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