Alternative Meats: Are They Healthy?

Four years ago, I consciously decided to stop eating red meat because of the inflammation I experienced in my body every time after consumption. After lots of research, I also learned about the number of greenhouse gases it produced and its unsustainable impact on our earth. Thankfully, as more people have taken up a plant-based lifestyle, the demand for meat & dairy alternatives is at an all-time high. From alternative milk to nut cheese & different kinds of plant protein-based meat replacements, we finally have choices on how we want to contribute to the environment, starting with what is on our plate.
Today I want to talk about alternative meats. We see them everywhere now, from fast-food restaurants to our local neighborhood Starbucks. But the question I get asked the most when I consume the Impossible Burger is, "is it really healthy?". Questioning everything is the root of knowledge, so let's break it down, shall we?
First off, you may know by now that meat production is responsible for large amounts of greenhouse gases, water, and environmental deterioration. It takes enormous amounts of water and land to make that delicious juicy burger, making red meat the leading cause of deforestation over the last thirty years. Many people have developed sensitivities to the consumption of animal protein, specifically red meat that is farmed with large amounts of hormones. On the other hand, Impossible Meat Patties have created a buzz as they're 100% plant-based, packed with 19 grams of protein (vs. red meat averaging 20 grams a patty), gluten-free, and lower in saturated fat. Making them an excellent option for those with celiac disease or people looking to watch their cholesterol intake. Not to mention, they are pretty low maintenance when it comes to their production. What seemed difficult is now very much achievable with the help of Impossible Foods, as they have figured out the hack to still deliver taste to satisfy all your senses without compromising on flavor.
In all, the Impossible Burger is a better choice for the environment, but it is not my everyday go-to meal if I am eating for health. It is a beautiful meat replacement that allows us to take on festivities that involve grilling and satisfy that juicy, savory craving that I get from time to time. This burger is man-made and not necessarily "all-natural," as it is a processed food choice. However, a regular cheeseburger is not considered a "healthy food" either.  Think of this as you make your decisions at the grocery store. Personally, I enjoy having Impossible Meats for my meat-free Mondays or for festivities and grilling in my back yard, but as always, eat from the ground and be as connected to your food as possible!
With love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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