Spooky Fun Halloween Platter

Only treats for Halloween this year!
I love creating fun memories with my kids that will be embedded forever while keeping our health in mind. With Halloween only a few days away, we're prepping for an entire weekend of fun. As with every year, I'm making the spooky day fit our lifestyle while complementing our health with a fun fruit platter for the kids that will be trick-or-treating with Shiva.


  • Candy Eyes - I used these.
  • Mini Dairy-Free Chocolate Chips - I used these.
  • Bananas
  • Mini Carrots
  • Kiwis
  • Celery
  • Mandarins 


  • To start with you’ll need a round plate or chopping board. I also used some spider web material for the backdrop.
  • For the pumpkins, peel your clementines and top with chopped celery.
  • For the ghosts, cut each banana in half. Press the chocolate chips into each half of the banana, creating eyes.
  • For the frankenstein's, cut the kiwi into 1/4th slices, assemble eyes to your desire.
  • For the monsters on a log, wash and slice your celery stalks into sections. Add peanut butter into the middle section of the celery and place candy eyeballs on top of the celery.
  • Assemble with spiders, webs & more eyes and enjoy!
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