Life In The Tropics: Avocado & Mango

Miami's extra sunny weather has me in a tropical mood. It is hot all year round here, and my taste buds always gravitate towards light & refreshing foods to cool my body down from the heat. Luckily, we have a mango AND an avocado tree in our backyard; it doesn't get more tropical than that, am I right? I love mangoes because they are so filling due to their fibrous nature & have such a unique taste that compliments any savory dish. Avocados also save the day (hello, brainfood!) as a quick afternoon pick me up for my mind when I feel that afternoon crash after a long day of work.
Of course, I could list countless reasons why I love consuming & cooking with these two so much. As you guys know, I am all about enhancing our natural beauty inside & out! But, I will never compromise the taste of a delicious meal over its health benefits. Instead, I combine them both.
So today, we'll dive into some of my favorite avocado & mango recipes & I'll explain to you the whole body benefits that eating high-fiber & high-fat meals like this have on the body. 
Bon Appetit!,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team

For The Morning

Mango Spirulina Smoothie: This is my go-to morning smoothie during mango season! Mango's are naturally sweet & rich in fiber, firing up digestion when consumed on an empty stomach. Let's say this one will help you feel unstuck. *Wink*
de la heart tip: Add a teaspoon of spirulina & some coconut water for a boost of energy & hydration after a long summer slumber.
Inner Glow SmoothieThis smoothie is fantastic for the days you feel under the weather or simply a bit sluggish. It is rich in plant-based fats like coconut oil & avocado that support the function of the brain and has tons of leafy greens that deliver high doses of protein to the body, helping it heal faster.
de la heart tip: Blend your greens in a smoothie first thing in the AM for easier digestion!
Green Detox Smoothie: A much lighter take on my green smoothies, this one focuses on hydration & grabbing what I have on hand from my fridge. I like to think of this as a kitchen sink smoothie. Substitute the ingredients you don't have for what you do have. Make sure to choose all green for maximum detoxifying benefits!
de la heart tip: Freeze these into popsicles for easy blending on the days that you're running short on time.
Baked Avocado EggA breakfast staple for when your body is craving a little extra something in the mornings, my Baked Avocado Egg recipe is filling, delicious, and the best part is that it is almost 100% waste-free! This is a recipe I've been making on repeat for the whole family, especially during this pregnancy. Protein is an essential part of retaining & repairing muscle tissue, & eggs are an excellent nutrient source for a growing mama and baby.
de la heart tip: Top with seeds, vegan cheese, or aromatic herbs for the perfect finishing touch!

For The Evening

The Gigi SaladI never get sick of this salad! It is that good. This recipe is one of those that are so satisfying because they hit all the flavor profiles. It also incorporates avocado & EVO into the mix, which leaves me feeling energized & awake. No more afternoon crash!
de la heart tip: Foods rich in healthy fats help your energy levels feel leveled throughout the day; make sure you consume a healthy amount!
Avocado SalsaSo good, we had to make it twice, thrice, basically always. This savory & delicious salsa is so simple to make. You throw everything in your food processor or blender, and it's ready to go! This salsa is one of the easiest ways to get anyone yearning to get involved in plant-based eating. 
de la heart tip: Serve with crudites, chips, or even over some veggie fajitas for a festive touch.
Tropical Mango GuacamoleThis is a great afternoon snack & the best idea for using those super ripe mangos you have sitting in the fridge! I love ingredients that compliment each other, and the tangy-ness of the mango deliciously brightens up this guacamole recipe & awakens my body.
de la heart tip: Try this recipe out with pomegranate seeds next time!
Sweet Potato Avo ToastTry this take on my husband's Sweet Potato Toast. Ronny will often make these to snack on or even for breakfast & I love making my version of a healthy avocado toast with this recipe. Sweet Potato is a complex carb that is great to consume to keep your body feeling powerful & energized.
de la heart tip: Have fun with different toppings. Sweet Potato makes an excellent base for both savory & sweet creations.
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