6 Foods You Need To Incorporate This Spring

Happy Spring Equinox, everybody! We are officially in bloom. 
As we enter this season, we also embrace the budding flowers & beautiful greenery that surrounds us. Just like pants, the human body requires mindful nourishment to blossom into our best selves. Below are six foods that I was inspired to add to my palate with the rhythm of this season. I hope they can help you connect with your body and the earth that selflessly gifts us these plants every day.
With love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
Asparagus: I love this veggie because there are so many great ways of cooking it, and you can change that seasonally.
For delicious inspiration: 
Asparagus Soup
Veggie Fajitas
Sexy Spring Salad by Sally Schimko
Plant-Powered Benefits: High in fiber, loaded with vitamins & works as a natural diuretic. Goodbye bloat!
Artichokes: This widely-known veggie is actually a flower used in a lot of European cuisines. Steam this beautiful green veggie as a side or add to a charcuterie board. 
For delicious inspiration: 
Steam this veggie & dip it in my Green Garden Dip
Plant-Powered Benefits:  High in folate (folic acid) necessary for red blood cell formation. 
Parsley: This herb is used a lot in salads, coleslaws, & even juices for its ability to amplify flavor in any dish. Get creative; its benefits are limitless!
For delicious inspiration: 
Parsley Pesto
My Supergreen Breakfast Smoothie
DIY Brightening Mask (I told you its benefits are limitless.)
Plant-Powered Benefits: 
Parsley is high in antioxidants & rich in minerals that keep the body hydrated while also draining the lymphatic system naturally. It is also affordable, easy to find, and rich in chlorophyll which aids the body's detoxification.
Spring Onion: Also known as scallions, are great to keep around for salads, for garnishes & to infuse soups or broths from home.
For delicious inspiration: 
Bone Broth For The Soul & Skin
Plant-Powered Benefits: 
High in Carotenoids, antioxidants that strengthen the immune system.
Strawberries: Berries are an excellent introduction to introduce plant-based eating for kids. They can go in salads or sweets, baked or raw; these mini but mighty fruits are the perfect spring companion for your plate. Don't forget to buy organic! 
For delicious inspiration: 
Plant-based Fro-Yo (checkout our strawberry recipe, it makes your fro-yo pink!)
Berry Banana Bread
Berry Protein Power Breakfast Smoothie
Plant-Powered Benefits: 
A low-calorie sweet treat high in antioxidants & great for heart health due to its polyphenol content.
Apricots: I love apricots because they're great for on the go. They add a touch of sweetness to any salad & they are also great for making fresh, homemade baby food.
For delicious inspiration: 
Instead of sharing a recipe, I would like to share a tip for new mama's out there. Apricots can be great for breastfeeding mamas. Check out the 9 Tips That Shifted My Breastfeeding Journey  (including the consumption of Apricots.)
Plant-Powered Benefits: 
This fruit is high in potassium, rich in Vitamin C & E for skin health, & a great source of fiber.
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