2021 Cinco De Mayo Staples

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching our way, & if there is anything we love more than our green juices at the de la heart headquarters, it is a refreshing margarita paired with authentic plant-based Mexican yummies! Although we still have a few days away to celebrate this holiday officially, we've rounded up our favorite numero uno recipes packed with the perfect amount of spice to satisfy your taste buds & get your heart rate going. 
Mexican food is one of Gigi's favorite cuisines due to its versatile flavors and ability to quickly adapt to the plant-based diet without losing its essence or flavors. So let's use this as an excuse to whip up all these dishes & get to eating, shall we? Enjoy Cinco De Mayo, de la heart style with the roundup of delicious recipes we've curated for you below:
For the one that loves a drink with beautifying benefits: Rose Water Margarita
We all have that one friend that loves to get a little extra out of everything, am I right? So let's give her something beautiful to sip on while also elevating the traditional Cinco De Mayo margarita experience with this adaptogenic blend of roses, lime & honey. This recipe is Instagram-worthy, so get ready to take your phone out & don't forget to tag us @delaheart to see this gorgeous creation come to life!
For the one that needs to spice things up: Spicy Pinneaple Paloma
Who doesn't love a little spice in their lives? Change up this classic cocktail by adding a little spice & tanginess into the recipe. The mix of fruit juices & jalapeno pepper makes this a super festive drink that anyone can enjoy. If the spice feels like too much, maybe try putting out the fire with our Avocado Salsa & your favorite tortilla chips? Just a thought.
For the one that's trying to keep it light: Gigi's Skinny Spicy Margarita
Enjoy the festivities without all the extra sugar with Gigi's Skinny Spicy Margarita. The key here is to swap out your usual triple-sec for some fresh lime juice & agave. You'll never settle for less than the real deal ever again! Pair this drink with our tropic-inspired Mango Guacamole for a healthy & sweet kick.
For the sober curious: Cucumber Pineapple Margarita
If they're taking a month off drinking or expecting with a bun in the oven but still want to be part of the fun, this refreshing mocktail will be your new favorite drink! The Tajin rim paired with bubbly fruit juice makes this mocktail taste like the real deal. Add jalapeno slices if your taste buds are asking for it. Need a little dinner inspo? Whip up our Veggie Fajitas & impress your guests with your culinary skills!
For the friend who needs to keep it real:
Celebrate with a classic Paloma in hand. Swap out the sugar for some coconut nectar & use fresh grapefruit juice to create a healthy version of this famous Mexican cocktail. Serve with our Super Easy Vegan Nachos & a side of our Lemon Pepper Tequila Hot SauceYes, it is spicy, but you can always wash it down with a drink or two.
Have a safe & responsible holiday, my lovelies!
Signing off with my skinny margarita in hand,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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