The Healing Benefits of White Jade

Whether you’re new to crystals or they’re already part of your self-care practice, white jade is a stone to consider incorporating into your ritual. This soothing crystal, which is associated with the Heart Chakra, is typically found in China and is a relatively rare form of nephrite.Like most white crystals, this type of jade can bring a sense of clarity, calmness, and balance to your daily life. It's also linked with both self-love and good fortune.Let's take a closer look at white jade's metaphysical properties and how this crystal can benefit your life.


1. Inner Peace and Tranquillity
White jade is a wonderful gemstone for inner peace and clarity. It can balance the spirit and mind, which reduces anxiety and helps you to feel calm in stressful situations.These properties also make it a popular stone to use during meditation. If you often struggle to remain focused and calm when meditating, then white jade is an excellent crystal to add to your practice. Many people also find that white jade helps with other aspects of spirituality. Its ability to enhance focus and clarity makes it a valuable addition to almost any self-care practice. 


2. Self Love
Aside from bringing inner peace, white jade is also associated with self-love and self-acceptance. This crystal is linked to the Heart Chakra. It can resolve blockages in this energy center, which may enhance feelings of love and affection. If you’re often too hard on yourself or use negative self-talk, white jade is one of the best gemstones to add to your collection.According to Angel Grotto, other gemstones for self-love include citrine, rose quartz and moonstone.


In addition to self-love, white jade may help improve your relationships. Its peaceful energy can soothe anger or jealousy, while helping you to be compassionate towards others.  Whether you want to build stronger friendships, rekindle the spark in a romantic relationship or become closer to your family, white jade can help.


3. Good Luck
White jade is commonly used as a good luck talisman. It can create a protective shield around you, which wards against negative influences that might affect your luck and good fortune. Of course, hard work and dedication are often a prerequisite for good luck. So, white jade’s ability to bring clarity and focus to your goals may also increase the chances of good fortune. This crystal is also linked with new beginnings. If you’re starting a new project or venture, white jade may give you a helpful boost in good fortune.
4. Physical Body
Many people believe that white jade can affect the physical body. White jade (or any healing crystal) should never be used as a replacement for modern medicine or your doctor's advice, but it’s a popular complementary therapy that may have a positive impactFor example, some crystal healers believe that white jade can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Others think this crystal can improve wound healing and positively affect skin health.


Note: Keep in mind that these physical healing properties have not be scientifically studied or proven. Any health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, so don’t use white jade to diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease.


More Benefits of White Jade:

The four healing properties above are the most commonly associated with white jade, but there are other potential benefits of this gemstone. Some examples include:

• CalmingWhite jade's calming properties can reduce the impact of unwanted or negative emotions.
 • CompassionAs a Heart Chakra crystal, white jade can help you be kind and compassionate towards others.
 • Protection. White jade is a protective crystal that can shield against negativity and other people’s judgement. Other protective crystals include tourmaline, amethyst, and black obsidian.
 • Emotional Healing. As white jade is both protective and calming, it’s a wonderful stone for healing emotional wounds.
 • Decision MakingBy bringing clarity to your thoughts, white jade helps with tough decisions. Similarly, it can help you understand a decision's potential outcomes.
 • Wealth. Some people believe that white jade is associated with prosperity and wealth. It can also provide confidence and motivation when working towards an important goal.
 • Positivity. White jade can bring hope and positivity to your life, especially when you’re feeling stressed or anxious.


How To Use White Jade

There’s no right or wrong way to use white jade. You can use your intuition to guide how you approach crystal healing, depending on what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you struggle to stay calm and focused during the day, then carrying a white jade thumb stone in your pocket could be an effective option. You may also want to consider wearing white jade jewellery to keep the stone’s calming energy nearby.

If you want to improve self-acceptance and self-love, then I recommend wearing a white jade pendant. This ensures the crystal is always close to your Heart Chakra where it can have maximum impact. For meditation, I like to place a white jade crystal on a wooden surfacenear where I’m sitting. You can also enhance the effect by creating a crystal grid around you while meditating, which helps focus and amplify the stone’s healing properties.

You can also use a white jade Gua Sha stone to promote healthy, glowing skinGua Sha is a traditional Chinese medical practice that’s thought to improve skin clarity and health. Using a tool made from white jade is an easy way to incorporate the healing benefits of this stone into your skincare ritual.

There are so many ways to use this healing stone tobring clarity, peace, and focus to your daily life. Add it to your self-care practice and experience the benefits for yourself. 

Mary Ancillette is a spiritual teacher, therapist and writer from the UK who founded, an amazing resource for learning about crystal healing. She has a passion for helping people improve their health and well-being. She is the contributing author of this article. 

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