Rise & Glow: Gigi's Morning Routine For Radiant Skin

Gigi’s a.m. routine for radiant skin
Want to get your day off to glowing start? These 3 easy steps will maximize results from your morning skincare routine. Think of it as the “pre-skincare” you do before your full skincare regimen. Ready? Let’s glow! 

One of the best habits you can get into is to start each morning with 1-2 glasses of cool or room temperature water. First, it helps support your lymphatic system by flushing away toxins, which is key to skin health and overall health. Second, staying hydrated increases blood flow, which gives you naturally glowier skin.
Proper hydration also helps skin retain elasticity and prevent puffiness. It’s counterintuitive, but when you see puffiness under your eyes, your skin is retaining water to protect you from dehydration—which means it’s literally telling you it needs more water! And last but not least, drinking water on an empty stomach gives your metabolism a kickstart, setting you up for a healthier day.
Make it a ritual: Keep a beautiful bottle by your bed, along with a gorgeous glass from Ann Sandra.

Just like dry brushing your body, dry brushing your face sweeps away dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. This reveals a radiant complexion and (here’s the really great part) allows all of your skincare products to absorb better. Dry brushing also helps support detox flow and boost circulation, giving you a natural glow. You’re also getting the radiance-boosting benefits of exfoliation—including visibly brighter skin and more even skin, plus clearer pores—without the harsh chemicals used in some exfoliating products.
The key is to always start with completely dry skin (right after you wake up is perfect) and use a brush with soft bristles. Our Facial Dry Brush features super-soft, flexible bristles made from cruelty-free goat hair, so it’s ideal for all skin types, including sensitive. And because it’s chemical-free, it’s safe to use while pregnant or nursing. It’s simple to use, just brush your face in an upward direction using soft movements (4-5 stroke per area is all you need), then rinse.
Make it a ritual: Keep your Facial Dry Brush on your bathroom counter and before you start, take a moment to take a few deep breaths and start the day with gratitude.

         3. PREP YOUR SKIN 

All of your skincare serums and moisturizers will absorb better when they’re applied to slightly damp (not bone dry) skin. The best way to rehydrate skin after dry brushing is to use a mist with hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. Our Vibrant Rose Water Mist with organic Bulgarian rose extract instantly refreshes and adds light moisture. Plus, the naturally soothing properties of rose extract can help reduce the look of redness or irritation, as well as control excess oil production.

And of course, rose has amazing aromatherapy benefits as well. As everyone knows, breathing in the scent of fresh rose has an instantly calming and uplifting effect. But did you know rose can help boost your memory and learning skills too? Studies show when students took a vocabulary test with rose incense sticks on their desk, their success increased by 30%. We’ll take it!

Make it a ritual: Keep a mist in your bag so you can refresh, rehydrate, and boost your mood and memory throughout the day.

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