Morning Gua Sha Glow-Up

Looking for the coolest way to sculpt, depuff and get glowing? Meet our Stainless Steel Gua Sha. She’s sleek, she’s soothing, and she’ll instantly energize and uplift your skinIt’s the easiest way we know to fake a full 8 hours of sleep! The secret is stainless steel, a material that’s naturally cooling (not to mention antibacterial), making it the perfect way to wake up tired-looking skin and get your glow back
Performing your Gua Sha facial ritual for just a few minutes will boost circulation and stimulate your lymphatic system, helping to drain away excess fluid. Skin is left looking refreshed, radiant and naturally contoured. Keep it in the fridge for even more cooling. (And p.s. if you’ve ever dropped a jade Gua Sha and cracked it, you’ll love how durable stainless steel is!)


Morning Gua Sha Glow-Up

• Start with clean skin and prep with Organic Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil (or use a mix of the two!) so you tool glides smoothlyTreat each side of your face separately and use light, gentle pressure—your whole ritual should take just 3-4 minutes. 
• Using the curved edge, glide along your jawline (from your chin to right below your ear). This is great for anyone who tends to carry tension in their jaw,” Gigi says.
• Use the long edge to glide along your cheekbones, from the outer corner of your nose to your hairline. 
• Use the medium edge to glide over your undereye area, up to your temples. “Make sure to use extra gentle pressure on this delicate skin,” Gigi says.

• Use the long edge to glide from the bridge of your nose to the top of our forehead, at your hairline.


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