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Mother’s Day is coming up and I wanted to celebrate my beautiful mother… and also share her favorite self-care rituals with my de la heart fam! I’m forever grateful to my mom for teaching me to take time to care for myself, and I’ve learned so much from her. Since she turned 50, she’s made sure to prioritize pro-aging self-care rituals, which help reduce inflammation and support her body’s natural healing mechanisms. Here’s her routine using The Detox Kit:

 Boost circulation with Dry Brushing

Dry brushing with The Body Brush is an easy way to kickstart circulation and get stagnant lymph fluid moving, while also gently exfoliating skin. Exfoliating dead skin cells becomes especially important as we age, since our natural skin renewal process slows down, leaving you with a layer dull buildup. Removing that layer of buildup makes it easier for your body to eliminate toxins, and (bonus!) it also gives skin a fresh, glowing appearance.

Dry brushing is actually more gentle than grainy scrubs, so it’s a safe choice even if you have sensitive skin. My mom does her drying brushing ritual in the morning, then moves on to the next part of her ritual with The Body Massage Tool.

Support your immune system with Body Massage

Not only does body massage boost your energy and help you de-stress (something ever mom and caregiver needs!), it also supports your immune system. Practicing self-massage using lymphatic drainage principles helps transport lymph fluid to your lymph nodes, where it’s detoxed and filtered before it’s put back into circulation. Think of your lymphatic system as your body’s natural filtration system.

Keeping your immune systems as strong as possible is key, especially if you’re someone like my mom who travels frequently. She does her body massage ritual using The Body Tool, after applying a Body Oil or our Lift & Tone Cream. She starts off by “waking up” the lymph nodes in the neck, armpits, and behind the elbows and knees. All you have to do is move the tool gently over these areas, about 5-10 strokes, then you can move on and use longer strokes with slightly more pressure to get lymph fluid moving in your arms, legs and core area. The whole ritual can be done in 5 minutes. My mom has been practicing it for as long as I can remember and she’s even more dedicated to it now… and the results are paying off with health and glow! 

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Thank you for sharing. I have to be more proactive for my own health and well being and your article reminds me of the benefits of such care.

Leida Rosa

This is so inspiring. Your mom looks absolutely incredible, youthful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your routine.

Lisa Demarets

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