The Secret To Plump Lips

Who doesn’t want lips that are plump, pillowy and naturally full? We do – which is why we couldn’t wait to share this easy ritual to boost circulation and give your lips a plumper look in just minutes!
Here’s how to do it:
• First, grab your White Jade Gua Sha – the “comb” edge is key for circulation-boosting.
• Apply a few drops of Organic Jojoba Oil to your upper and lower lips (you need enough so that your tool glides smoothly).
• Pull your lips taut with one hand and hold your tool in the other hand.
• Starting with your top lip, gently “comb” your tool over the upper right corner of your lipline (i.e. the perimeter of your lips). Repeat on the upper left corner, then move to the middle and comb your tool over your cupid’s bow area.
• Now move to the bottom lip. Gently comb your tool over the bottom right corner of your lipline. Repeat on the bottom left corner, then move to the middle.
• Finish by gently moving your tool over your lips (lips are delicate, so don’t press too hard!)
We recommend doing this ritual no more than once a day – less is more this with natural lip-plumping trick!
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