Glide & Glow

When you’re doing your lymphatic drainage massage ritual or a Gua Sha treatment, it’s essential to prep your skin with a hydrating cream or oil before you start. You’ll have better results and happier skin. Here’s why:

Helps your tool glide smoothly

When your skin has some “slip” your tool will glide along better, maximizing the results of your treatment. Whether you choose a cream or oil is entirely up to you. “When I use The Body Tool, I apply Lift & Tone Cream then layer an oil over it,” says Gigi. “My tool glides perfectly and my skin looks so supple afterwards. When I do Gua Sha, I usually stick to just an oil, usually at the end of my skincare routine.”

Hydrates your skin

The action of moving your tool over your skin boosts circulation and warms up your skin, which helps your skincare products sink in better. Natural hydrators like Shea Butter (in our Lift & Tone Cream) and our Organic Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil treat your skin to nourishing moisture, plus antioxidants and micronutrients.

Prevents accidental bruising

Some of us tend to bruise easily, especially if you take omega-3 supplements. And—unfair but true!—certain healthy foods like garlic, ginger, ginkgo, green tea, salmon, and turmeric can also make you more prone to bruising. Apply your cream or oil generously so your tool glides along smoothly, and make sure to use light pressure. (And don’t stop eating those healthy foods!) 

Protects delicate skin

Certain areas of our skin are thinner and more fragile, such as under the eyes and on the neck. When you’re doing your Gua Sha ritual, make sure to treat these delicate areas extra-gently. Otherwise, you risk stretching skin and damaging its deeper layers. Prep with our jojoba oil and move your tool in gentle, feathery strokes to get all of the benefits (and none of the damage).

Stay in the glide with our hydrating agents

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