Girl Of The Month: Meet Maria Tettamanti

Our focus for the month is authenticity, by definition, authentic people possess a number of common characteristics that show they are genuine, unique, and true to one's nature or beliefs. I couldn't think of a more authentic girl to feature this month than Maria Tettamanti, a Greek-American mom of two with a serious passion for writing, wellness and traveling. She's parlayed these passions into Miami’s top designer fashion and luxury travel blog, As a journalist, she also contributes to The Miami Herald, and Time Out Miami.
Maria's funny and unique approach to very serious things like: parenting, body image, beauty, and marriage, have earned her the love of the community and most recently landed her a spot as an HSN guest host. Go Maria, go! When not working, this girl is fitness obsessed--you can find her running down Biscayne Boulevard, at pilates or at yoga. Get to know one of the most accepting, thoughtful, and real human beings I know: Mrs. Tettamanti!

Maria, how long have you lived in Miami? I moved to Miami in the fifth grade and lived in the charming town of Cape May, NJ before that.
Describe a day in Maria’s life. Do not attempt talking to me until I’ve had my coffee! Then it’s time to take care of the kids, connect with my husband, workout, hash out all my work assignments and then it’s back on to mom life at 4 p.m. I love cooking dinner 5 nights a week for family dinners. At night, we watch Bravo or read.
How did you get started with your career as a writer? I always knew I wanted to write at a publication and so I took a job in advertising at a local fashion magazine. Eventually, I begged the Editor in Chief for a writing position. Lots of coffee runs and hard work later…I became the Editor in Chief. It takes chutzpah and a lot of grit.
What inspired you to become a blogger? When the economy crashed, I lost a lot of my freelance writing work, however, I had all this creative energy in me. I started a blog as an artistic outlet and it surprisingly became a source of income and job!
What do you think is the future of social media? Personally, I’m on it less and less every day because I find it boring and vapid because everyone is trying so hard to be cookie-cutter perfect. I’m only on it to see what my friends and family are up to. As with everything, I believe there will be a new “Instagram” and a lot value in videos such as YouTube. The web will always be around so don’t neglect your blog if you have one!

Can’t leave the house without? Cocoa butter chap stick.
Coffee or tea? Dunkin Donuts coffee.
Favorite restaurant in Miami. It’s an MSG bomb but Tropical Chinese!
Favorite scent. Le Labo’s Santal or Jo Malone’s Red Roses. I also love it when my husband wears Chanel Egoist Platinum.
Best way to decompress. Yoga, a glass of wine, or dip in the ocean. The ocean is so under rated but it truly calms me.
What’s on your reading list? I’m a huge bibliophile… Something In the Water is next on my nightstand.
Last thing you cooked. Turkey meatloaf.
How do you start your day? I need coffee and a solid workout to feel sane.
What is the first thing you thought of this morning? I go through a mental checklist of what needs to get done that day. I’m a big list maker and LOVE checking things off of it. #OCD
What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen? Pilates, yoga or run/walking. I’m of the mind you don’t have to kill yourself to look good.
Where do you work out and why do you go there? I’m all about the talent of the teachers — not the actual place. With this said, I’m fond of the Pilates Place Studio in MiMo, Ahana Yoga in the Design District and Sweat 440 on the Beach.
What is your approach to nutrition? Abs are made in the kitchen! I live a gluten-free and low-carb lifestyle. I also believe in intermittent fasting as a reset for my body and blood sugar levels. I don’t eat from the hours of 7 p.m. to noon the next day.
What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? I must workout 4 days a week and I NEVER go out during weeknights. All my friends know this! I fear small talk, social anxiety and hangovers.
What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist? The spinach dip and chips from Houston’s. It’s my death row meal.

What’s your definition of beauty now that you’re in your 40s? It’s all about hydration, sunscreen, Botox, regular facials and feeling good on the inside. My diet truly affects the way I feel/look so eating clean, whole-foods is key.
What’s your “passed down from Mom” beauty secret? La Mer skin creams! They cost a small fortune but really changed the texture of my skin. Also, my mom eats a very clean Mediterranean diet and she passed that down to me, too.
Must-have beauty product. La Mer’s Renewal Face Oil, Elta MD sunscreen and It Cosmetic’s CC cream, and Batiste dry shampoo.
Favorite place to get beautified in Miami. Gee Beauty for eyebrows, facials with Caleb at Junior & Hatter, plasma facials with Dr. Roberta Del Campo, micro-needling with Rachel Loren, at-home massages, waxing with Josefina at Vivid Salon, manicures with Tuka and blowouts with Glam Squad. Man, I’m high maintenance!
Best facial. Depends on what I need but Caleb at Junior & Hatter, Gee Beauty and Barba Skin Clinic always nail it because they extract every pimple and blackhead from my face! I’m maniacal for a deep cleanse. Hello? What’s a facial without extractions?
 Best beauty tip you ever received. Stay out of the sun…it’s Satan!
Favorite app. Pandora for music.
Favorite social-media platform. Instagram.
Favorite person to follow on Instagram. Alex Norton… he’s fucking hysterical and authentic. 
Last google search. Southern Charm on Bravo…how embarrassing!
Person you text the most. My husband… I live to drive him insane.
Best cocktail in Miami. I love the lychee martini at Mister Chow.
Who inspires you? My parents. They are the living embodiment of the American Dream.
Favorite line in a movie. “There’s no place like home,” from The Wizard of Oz
Favorite song. “Crash” by Dave Matthews Band… it was our first dance at our wedding.
Favorite city in the world. London.
Where do you want to travel next? The Philippines, Spain and Capri.
What words do you live by. Be nice.
How do you describe your personal style. Classic with a splash of color.
Person you admire the most. There are so many but I am enamored with my husband and little brother, Yioryos. They’re good, smart, solid and successful people.
If your kids had to describe you using only one word, what would it be? Zany.
If you could offer a piece of advice to your 30 year old self, what would it be? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Last month of summer, live it up! #beauthentic
only love Xx
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