Facial Dry Brushing For Glowing Skin

The Facial Dry brush is my new favorite @delaheart tool to reveal a refreshed and radiant complexion. Dry brushing is a simple and inexpensive technique that can help you improve your skin health with gentle exfoliation. Facial dry brushing will help you stimulate your lymphatic system to help reduce lymphedema, or other skin conditions. 

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in your immunity so improving activation of your lymphatic system in the face, neck and chest can help you relive sinus pressure, cold-like symptoms and other illnesses. When our lymph nodes get congested (specifically those in face and neck) the lymph can’t drain properly, causing a host of issues like clogged pores, acne, puffiness, dehydrated skin, and fine lines. Lymphatic drainage can address all of those things, and pretty much any skin type can benefit from it. Use short, gentle strokes following along with the lymphatic vessels to stimulate detox and boost skin glow. 

While facial dry brushing can be done daily, I choose to do it 2-3x a week to not strip my skin from its natural oils. Always start on clean, dry skin, and avoid any sensitive areas or broken, open skin. 

Our facial dry brush is made with natural, super-soft, flexible bristles to support the light brushing of your skin. Pressure should be light and gentle, and if your skin appears red or irritated you must discontinue its use and talk to your dermatologist. 

How long? This ritual is short and highly effective. I suggest anywhere from 2-5min.

Start by stimulating the lymph nodes around your clavicle or collarbone and the back of the ears. This can be done with your hands or with your dry brush. I like to use my dry brush by doing 5-10 small circles in each area. 

From there, you want to clear the lymph vessels that run down the neck, starting from the back of the ear down towards the collarbone. Working your way downwards and 3-5x in the area. 

Do 5-10 small circles in the area right below your ears, thinking of working the fluid downwards. 

Then start moving up to the face by working underneath the jaw and then back down to the neck, creating a #7. Guide the fluid with your dry brush towards the bottom of the ear (3-5x there) and from there bring some of that back down the neck again. 

Think about drawing a line down the middle of the face, and everything working out towards its own ear. 

From the chin, across the jaw towards the ear. 

From top of the lip across the cheek towards the ear. 

Below the eye area and towards the ear to release sinus pressure. 

Then out to the side towards the ear from the forehead area (3-5x). 

After you’ve worked everything out towards the ear, you’re going to go back and try to guide all that fluid back down the neck towards the collarbone. 

Make sure you do both sides, preferably in the morning, and before applying any serums or oils. 

Always shower or wash your face after you’re done to get rid of any extra dead skin cells that the brushing may have helped exfoliate from your skin. 

Ready, set, GLOW!



***While these statements are supported by my research and personal experiences, they have not been verified by the FDA or a medical professional. These statements are not intended to cure or treat any ailments or diseases. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional before starting any at-home regimen to ensure these techniques are right for you.

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