Cellulite Facts, Myths & What to do

The last week has made me reminisce about my girlhood in Colombia, watching my mother perform her lymphatic drainage rituals to keep her beautiful legs looking firm, bump-free & ready for sundress season. Looking back at this time, what I admired most about her, was her commitment to herself. She always found a few minutes a day to fit rituals & practices that helped her feel like her best self.
Years later, she continues to be my inspiration for beauty & self-devotion. 
This memory, in particular, is what inspired me to re-design The Tool.
I want you to feel your most confident & powerful in every season of your life. With that said, something I know that affects us more during the Summer months is the natural appearance of cellulite. As childbearing humans, women are more susceptible to cellulite because our bodies naturally store more fat. Hormones and female body patterns change, making it difficult for our body to naturally get rid of the fat we would like.
But worry not; thankfully, we have the tools to take control of our bodies & our health! I've debunked the myths & put together tried and true rituals on how to get rid of stubborn cellulite so that you can feel like your most beautiful self.
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I grew up watching my mom perform her self love rituals and practices. 
Myth: Cellulite only happens to those who are out of shape.
Fact: Cellulite is caused by a build-up of fatty tissue under the skin.
What To Do: Build muscle tone through strength training like a good sculpt class, barre, or via weight training a few times a week.
Myth: Weight loss will get rid of your cellulite.
Fact: Unstructured fat will still appear if it stays stagnant.
What To Do: Break up fat deposits with a lymphatic drainage therapy, or a home self-massage using The Tool.
Myth: Men don't get cellulite.
Fact: Although women are more prone to cellulite due to having higher body fat percentages, poor circulation can cause a build-up of stagnant fat in any person's body, including men.
What To Do: Keep it moving in all the ways. Eat foods that support the lymphatic system & incorporate cardio at least one day a week into your exercise routine to avoid the increase of cellulite.
Myth: Liposuction is the answer.
Fact: It may improve it, but it won't remove it forever, and it will cost you a pretty penny.
What To Do: Increase circulation by dry brushing regularly.
Myth: Cardio eliminates cellulite.
Fact: Reducing body fat can help eliminate fat deposits in the body, but it won't remove them altogether.
What To Do: Establish a consistent lymphatic drainage massage ritual, drink more water, & drink your greens (Celery, Ginger, Lemon, Cucumber).
Myth: Cellulite is genetic.
Fact: There are many factors on how and why the body stores fat, and it is not all down to your genes.
What To Do: Love your body & it will love you back. Our imperfections are what build our story! 
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