Boost What You're Born With: Beautiful Natural Eyelashes

We all want what we can’t have. Specially when it comes to eyelashes—longer, thicker, fuller, etc. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always wanted long and curled lashes… which is why during the eyelash extension boom (circa 2006) I kissed mascara goodbye and started my longest relationship yet—with eyelash extension professional, Lisi Romera.

After the first set of lashes I was hooked. Lisi, (in my opinion) is the best in the lash extension game. I never missed my weekly appointment. Eyelash extensions gave me life! I would roll out of bed and look like I had spent 20 min on my eye makeup, looked fab after sweaty workouts, and the best one yet—no makeup, EVER! Life guys, life!

Full-blown 13mm extensions.

 I took short breaks here and there to give my real lashes a breather. However, as time went by and I got older, I started to notice that my lashes weren’t recovering as fast as they used to. Naturally, I have long, full, and very straight lashes. Short, weak lashes was never my issue prior to extensions. I also realized that the weight of the lashes made my eyelids swell in the mornings, and that same weight was bringing my eyelid down. That effect made me look sad and older in pictures. See picture above. And because I’m not sad or old, after 11 years of eyelash extensions, I decided to take a break—forever. 

Friends, its not pretty. The first 3 weeks after removal—short, weak, and depleted lashes. I went crazy and ordered all kinds of regenerative serums: Nulash, Latisse, Castor Oil, Vegalash, and used them all every night. The good news is: they grow back. My friend, Maria Tettamanti (on remission from eyelash extensions), suggested that once my lashes were fully recovered I should try the Keratin Lash Lift. I’m a good listener, so I did, and I LOVED it. I’m also a “boost what you’re born with” kinda girl. And that’s exactly what the lash lift is. It’s a semi-permanent curling of your own eyelashes. It lasts 2-3 months, depending on the person obvi. My real natural eyelashes are now permanently curled, I add a little water-proof mascara and voila...I’m ready to go! My eyes now feel open, light, and clean.

Eyelash curling procedure.

I recommend Danubia at Gee Beauty Studio in Miami Beach. She did an amazing job with mine, and so far they still look great. Break up with your eyelash extension lady and go natural. We’re all beautiful no matter how long our lashes are. Guys, its not worth it. I promise. Thank me later.

Before and After.



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