5 Beauty Hacks For Your Best Year Yet

Finding affordable wellness in your everyday life can be overwhelming if you are a busy mom, working wonder woman, or simply just have a hard time taking care of yourself. After being in this industry for 8 years, I've tried everything you can imagine, from every wellness trend to every new product followed by every new guru. I have finally been able to pin down the 5 beauty hacks I can't live without that actually work!
I'm living proof that you don't have to spend your entire paycheck to feel and look your best. Use these tried & true wellness hacks for your most glowy skin yet from head to toe. However, remember that a beautiful mind and spirit start from within. 
With Love,
Gigi & The De La Heart Team!
Lemon Water for a Morning Boost 
Warm lemon water in the morning is one of my a.m nonnegotiables. It is the first step I take after waking up with Shiva. 
Heating a little water on the stove or an electric kettle along with a bit of fresh lemon juice will instantly wake up the entire system and get you ready for the day. 
  • A de la heart tip: Use lemon juice from fresh organic lemons for optimal benefits.
Below are some of the benefits of lemon water:
  • Supports your Immune System with a healthy dose of vitamin C
  • Kickstarts your metabolism
  • Flushes out toxins in the body
  • Wakes up the body
Ice Therapy/Ice Facials
Keeping some infused ice for cold morning facials to aid puffy and tired skin is a personal at-home spa favorite. The ice's cooling sensation reduces inflammation on your skin (especially for acne) & gives you an instant glow.
We love this hack because it can be found right in your kitchen.
  • A de la heart tip: Infuse your facial ice the night before you plan on using them with a few drops of aloe vera (for soothing acne), cold brew (for undereye bags), or a floral tea, like rose or chamomile for extra healing & depuffing.
Gua Sha Facial
Gua Sha Facial lymphatic massages have become just as popular as full-body massages. The process is a little different, using stones in shapes that hug the natural curvatures of the face and benefit from the metaphysical properties they carry to move toxins from the center of the face outwards to relieve congestion & awaken the skin.
  • A de la heart tip: Choose a Gua Sha made from a stone that speaks to you. Bian Stone is for protection, Rose Quartz is a heart opener, & Jade purifies the aura.
Dry Brushing
Dry brushing offers countless benefits from softer skin, cellulite reduction, as well as a healthier, improved circulatory system.
For these reasons, it is also the newest addition to your de la heart wellness toolbox. Our Body Brush is made from all-natural board bristles designed to awaken your circulatory system & exfoliate tired, dry skin gently and effectively. Take care of your circulatory system by getting at least 30 minutes of movement a day, dry brushing, and incorporating more greens into your diet. Say hello to a healthy circulatory system all around!
  • A de la heart tip: Use before bath time to exfoliate dead skin and absorb the all-natural ingredients in your bath soak. Stimulate the lymphatic system further & drain excess fluids from the body using our Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool.
Lymphatic Massage
A de la heart signature routine, lymphatic drainage massage, is my go-to at-home remedy for basically everything. This massage method is another fabulous way to reduce stress, depuff the body from water retention & release toxins trapped in the body. 
  • A de la heart tip: Use our entire lymphatic drainage program (The Body Brush, Bath Therapy for an Open Heart, Lift & Tone Cream, & The Tool) for optimal detoxing benefits. This program works best paired with a healthy diet and mindful daily movement of your body. 
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With love,
Gigi & the De la Heart team
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