De La Heart Products I’ve Been Loving This Pregnancy

Our products have been staples in my daily routine for years, but more so throughout both of my pregnancies to help me nourish my body and mind gently and naturally. Here is what I’ve been loving at each stage of this pregnancy. 

1st Trimester 
Treating those first trimester symptoms was especially important for me this time around, as I was simultaneously chasing after a toddler! 

  • Dry brushing the body with our Body Brush was a routine I definitely prioritized — the increased circulation gave me a much needed energy boost to wake me up and push through fatigue. 
  • For my face, I used either our Bian Stone Gua Sha and Jade Facial Roller daily to increase circulation and drain excess fluid as puffiness started to show. 
  • Our Organic Vibrant Rose Water mist was (and still is) essential as a midday pick-me-up, to raise vibrations when I’m tired and struggling to get through the day. The boost in hydration never hurts either. 

2nd Trimester
As my body began to create space for new life, it became even more vital to nourish my skin and promote circulation. 
  • As my belly began to expand, I made sure to be diligent with intense moisture to ease strain to my skin and prevent stretch marks. Both the Jojoba and Almond oils in our Body Oil Bundle are the perfect gentle moisturizers for this time. 
  • I continued with my dry brushing routine, and with clearance from my doctor, was able to reincorporate self lymphatic drainage massage using our Body Tool, which has really helped reduce water retention and swelling in my legs. 
  • Relaxing my muscles with our Bath Therapy soak has been great for easing myself into the 3rd trimester. And, not to be overlooked, treating myself to a hot and aromatic bath at the end of the long day did wonders for my mood, relaxation, and sleep. 

3rd Trimester
  • At every stage of pregnancy, being as hands-free as possible is a plus, but especially so in the 3rd trimester. I have been using our DLH Self-Love Club Tote daily for everything from farmer’s market trips to storing toys for Shiva during walks to the park. The tote would also make a great hospital bag. 
  • You all know I’m always preaching about sun protection, but especially during the third trimester, it’s vital to protect your skin and especially your face, when melasma risk is the highest. I never leave the house without our Wide Brim Visor, which is not only wide enough to fully cover your face, but comes in multiple colors, so I don’t have to worry about not matching the rest of my outfit.  
  • Our babies grow the most during this stage of pregnancy, so it’s especially important to keep the skin moisturized and nourished. Our Organic Coconut Shea Butter does exactly that, and coupled with our body oils, is the only thing I’ve used in both pregnancies to effectively prevent stretch marks. 
  • Lastly, my trusted Body Tool is still going strong as part of my 3rd trimester routine. This time is the peak of water retention, so lymphatic drainage (again, if approved by your doctor), is incredibly helpful in reducing swelling and increasing comfort in your legs. 

With love,
Gigi & the De La Heart Team 
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