Nursery Must-Haves

While putting Shiva's nursery together, I had a very specific vision in mind for the space. Aside from making sure my baby girl would have everything she needed, the nursery had to match the overall vibe of our house, yet still feel intimate and cozy.

For my list of Nursery Must-Haves, I've included my top recs for the furniture pieces and staple items that genuinely bring joy to Shiva's space. I looked through tons of options and was very thoughtful about the ones I chose. These pieces will not only make your nursery more efficient, but they'll also elevate the energy and make bonding time with your baby that much sweeter.

A crib or bassinet: This is the most essential item, your baby’s bed. We went for the Novella Crib from Nursery Works because of its crisp and modern, yet inviting look. The decor of  our house is mid-century modern so this piece fit right in! Cribs come in  a variety of  styles and prices, how much you spend and what style you choose is up to you. I loved that this one converts from crib to toddler bed to daybed and to reading nook!

Changing table: Lots of diaper changing goes on around here. I went with the Novella 6-Drawer Double Dresser that matches the crib from Nursery Works. This piece  is both a dresser and changing table, you all know I’m a less is more kinda girl. Having quick access to the essentials like diapers, wipes and a new change of  clothes is a huge help during this hectic time! The six  spacious drawers offer ample storage for baby essentials and clothing.

Rocking chair or glider: Best money I ever spent! You will spend countless number of hours feeding and rocking your baby to sleep, make sure your go-to is comfortable. We went with the Piper Glider from Duc Duc NYC, this chair is the hug you’ll need when it’s 4am and you haven’t slept in days. Super comfy and very good looking!

Consider having a little table next to it to keep snacks, bottled water, tea, and books. We have the Monte Duo Side Table in walnut.

Mobile: They are a nursery fundamental as they help soothe the babies to sleep and keeps them entertained when they wake up. I was looking for a delicate color palette and a simple design when I stumbled upon the two-tiered mobiles by Pehr. They’re all handmade using ethically sourced materials, and Shiva looves it!

Ubbi Diaper Pail: This item was on my baby registry and I underestimated the importance of it, until after my first diaper change. It keeps unpleasant odors at bay and away from your nursery. The Ubbi Diaper Pail is chic, essential, and durable—but most importantly it gets the job done! 

Clothes Hamper: With all the daily outfit changes, you will quickly find the need of a hamper in the nursery. Hampers are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials.

Baby monitor: One of the hardest things to do is to relax knowing your baby is in another room. Baby monitors help ease that stress by allowing us parents to have live footage of our baby. We went with the Nanit monitor & app.

Daybed: If you have the extra room in your nursery, I say go for it! It was originally intended for our night nurse, but truth is that I’ve slept in it more than anyone else. We went with the Annika Upholstered Daybed with trundle—hoping it could be of use when Shiva’s friends come over for a slumber party!

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