Newborn + Postpartum Essentials

Postpartum is a time of retreat. It's a time of intensity and massive adjustment. I personally like to spend the first 40 days at home with my baby focusing on my healing and on the transition from expectant woman to mother. In my culture, the new mother is to stay somewhat secluded from the every day life, tucked indoors with the baby by her side for the first forty days postpartum. Women of her family and community aid in her healing making sure she's rebuilding, replenishing, and resting to prevent exhaustion and depletion. 
The postpartum experience or fourth trimester is one that I like to take to revitalize and replenish without any of the "bounce back" pressure. I did it with my first pregnancy and I'm doing it this time around as well. Today is day 16/40 and if I’ve learned anything in motherhood it’s that babies are so different and that each experience is unique, and sometimes it takes trial and error to figure out what soothes them, what they prefer and beyond.

Below are a few trusted favorites from this time around, so let’s talk about them!


    • Frida Postpartum Kit—Every new mom needs this kit.  The disposable undies and peri bottle are in my opinion, the best in the market! The socks are also great for walking around with baby without the fear of slipping thanks to the sticky grips on the bottom. A new mom must-have.
    • My Breast Friend Breastfeeding Pillow— This is hands down the easiest and most comfortable breastfeeding setup. The firm cushion, adjustable straps and back rest make it comfortable and helps maintain position while encouraging latch. I carry mine around the house to set up my feeding station wherever we go. 
    • Dockatot— Created to mimic the womb, this item is the easiest and safest way to keep your baby with you at all times. Perfect for supervised lounging, playing, cuddling, diaper changes and tummy time. 
    • Delaheart Almond & Jojoba Oil — Keeping your skin hydrated isn't only a priority while growing your baby, you have to support the body and skin during the postpartum phase too. The DLH body oil bundle is the perfect gentle moisturizer for all skin types, nourishing the skin through Vitamin A and natural retinol.
    • SKIN French Terry Robe—This is a versatile essential that can be worn throughout pregnancy and well into postpartum. This robe offers extra coverage for nursing moms while the side pockets keep things functional.
    • Mothers Milk Tea— This aromatic tea contains estrogen-like compounds that are said to enhance milk flow. With fenugreek as the main ingredient, it's often touted as potent galactagogues. I consume this everyday ( approx 2-3 16oz cups/day ) with a little manuka honey for sweetness.
    • The Delaheart Detox Kit - Body fluids need to find balance after pregnancy and most times postpartum swelling can be a result of the excess fluid that is caused by a blockage in the tissues under the skin. The detox kit increases circulation and effectively moves the fluid out from under the tissues into the bloodstream, facilitating the elimination of waste to drain properly. 
    • Time Marker Water Bottle - The breastfeeding thirst is real and this time marker water bottle helps me stay hydrated while serving as a  reminder to drink up.
    • GOOP The Mother Load Vitamins - The Mother Load is a supplement regimen that helps build and replenish nutrient reserves after birth. The pack is full of super-nutrients including calcium, choline, and omega-3 fatty acids helping support fatty acid content of breast milk in lactating women.
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