Hair Changes Pre + Post Partum

To my new mama's, & seasoned mama's, let's talk about hair changes pre+post pregnancy, shall we? When we all envision the beauty of pregnancy, we think of glowing skin, a natural flush in the cheeks, a joyful belly, & luscious hair. But the flux of hormones that our bodies experience during this sacred time of our lives delivers different results for all mamas.
With that said, some of us will experience hair loss, & others may experience more hair growth during this time. Below are some of my tips on what you can do to keep your locks looking silky, beautiful & smooth no matter where you fall on this spectrum:
  1. Ditch the products: Simple is better; minimize your hair routine so that you can keep your scalp free of product buildup. When we retain a clean scalp, we also allow space for new hair growth.
  2. Eat your vitamins: Vitamin deficiency is the leading cause of hair loss. Eating foods rich in vitamins D, E, & B will keep your strands feeling strong & healthy. We also recommend reaching for a prenatal vitamin that your doctor approves! Check out the blog for some inspo on vitamin-rich recipes for mama & baby.
  3. Fats are good for you: We've made a few blog posts on the benefits of having a balanced diet full of plant-based protein & healthy fats like EVO, coconut oil, & nut oils. Fats help nourish both mama's hair & the baby's brain development during its growth time in the womb.
  4. Ask for some love from your partner: Switch your usual foot massage after a hard day of mothering for a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. Reach for your Bian Stone Gua Sha & massage the scalp with the comb end for added detoxifying scalp benefits. 
  5. Take it easy: Don't stress! Hairloss is part of the journey. You will come back to your center as soon as you know it. Enjoy these moments with your baby. Trust me; they go by fast!
With love & natural beauty, 
Gigi & The De La Heart Team
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