9 Tips That Shifted My Breastfeeding Journey

Who knew you could spend so much time feeding a baby? I certainly didn’t. Though now I feel pretty comfortable with breastfeeding, I didn’t feel this way in the beginning. I had no clue what I was doing, my breasts were hard, sore, and my nipples were on fire! I quickly realized I was going down in the breastfeeding arena. So I reached out to lactation consultant, Freda Eisenberg, who showed up at my house a few hours later to enlighten me in all things breastfeeding. When in doubt, always turn to the experts—thats my motto. 

9 tips that shifted my breastfeeding journey by lactation consultant, Freda Eisenberg. 

  1. Lower or avoid consumption: Dairy (casein, caseinett, whey), soy (lecithin), eggs, and gluten. 
  2. Add or increase consumption: fenugreek, steel cut oatmeal, almonds (rinsed and soaked), nutritional yeast, dates, sesame seed/oil, apricots, moringa, garlic, and fennel. 
  3. Massage breasts with oil (use coconut or almond oil). 
  4. Use a soft brush to brush your breasts. I used my rose quartz face roller and it worked wonders. 
  5. Cold & hot compress. Ice packs and hot towels. Alternate 5 minutes each. 
  6. Feed on demand. Don't pump early on as it interferes with organic supply and demand. 
  7. Only breastfeeding pillow that actually works, and we both recommend it—My Brest Friend. Available on Amazon or mybrestfriend.com. 
  8. Use a nursing stool when feeding, it's really helpful to mom’s posture. 
  9. If your baby has gas eat fresh fennel, mint, and ginger. 
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