5 Safe Ways to Get Back In Shape Postpartum

Whatever your wellness goals are, I’m here to support you. Whether you’re trying to lose the baby weight or simply trying to get healthier, these are 5 safe and mindful ways that have helped me lose weight in the past. 
  • Walk—My favorite and go-to form of movement is walking. After birth, walking is the first thing I do to start moving again while spending quality time with my babies. Going for long outdoor walks help you tap into your parasympathetic system, telling your body and mind to relax and slow down high energy functions. 
  • Mindful Movement—When it comes to postpartum exercise, I practice mindful movement. I believe the postpartum body is to be treated with care & patience therefore high-impact exercises and rigorous workouts should be avoided for the at least 4-6 months. Pilates and yoga are excellent ways to reconnect and repair your pelvic floor & abdominal muscles.
  • EAT—Eat to feed if you’re breastfeeding and if you’re not, eat to replenish. Don’t be too quick to cut calories to lose the baby weight, this may result malnourishment and in a slower recovery. Ancient Chinese medicine states that the first 40 days of a woman’s postpartum will determine the next 40 years of their life.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage—The postpartum body tends to hold on to excess fluid & fat as s form of healing and repair. By manually tapping into your lymphatic system you can filter out and eliminate toxins out of your system and kickstart weight loss.
  • Mindset—Patience is key. The old rule of thumb is 9 months in, 9 months out. Give yourself at least 9 months to a year to lose all the pregnancy weight. Don’t compare yourself to other moms as every body is unique, and give yourself a break because you just made and birthed a human being!
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