5 Products To Make Your Breastfeeding Journey Easier

Nothing is more stressful than worrying if you’re producing enough breast milk to care for your newborn baby. With so many products on the market, it can be difficult navigating which products support this special journey. Thankfully with Shiva, I was able to sort out the best products that made my breasting journey easier, and this time, I'm using them for help along the way with baby Ronnie.
 With that, I'm sharing the top five products that have helped me keep up my supply and navigate the ups and downs of breastfeeding, hoping that they can help you too!
*Please note that establishing your milk supply takes time, and that every baby is different. 
  • My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow— This is hands down the easiest and most comfortable breastfeeding setup. The firm cushion, adjustable straps and back rest make it comfortable and helps maintain position while encouraging latch. I carry mine around the house to set up my feeding station wherever we go. 
  • White Jade Gua Sha - This has been a lifesaver for me! I love to use it when I get out of the shower with almond oil to prevent stretch marks. Yes, you can still get stretch marks after birth!  (Breast tissues expand quickly as the breast produces breast milk. This increases the breast in size, therefore, it causes the skin to stretch, producing stretch markswhile breastfeeding. ) It also helps with reducing breast engorgement when used to massage.
  • Mothers Milk Tea— This aromatic tea contains estrogen-like compounds that are said to enhance milk flow. With fenugreek as the main ingredient, it's often touted as potent galactagogues. I consume this everyday ( approx 2-3 16oz cups/day ) with a little manuka honey for sweetness.
  • Medela breast pump + storage bags - These two make pumping and storing breast milk simple and easy. This set allows you to pump and pour into bags for fast, easy storage in the fridge or freezer. The bags also feature easy-close zipper tops that don't leak and a stand-up bottom to prevent spills. 
  • Haaka Manual Breast Pump - A hands-free pump that is designed to work primarily as a milk catcher. While you’re nursing your baby on one side, chances are, the opposite breast will begin to leak. To avoid wasting precious amounts of milk, the hakkaa works by collecting milk from the other “leaky” breast while your baby nurses on the other. 
*Pro-Tip: Mama's, the best nipple cream is your own milk!
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