Self-Care At Every Age: Energized & Plump Skin

Your ritual for energized skin with our Stainless Steel Gua Sha

We’re wrapping up our Self-Care At Every Age series with a topic I get a lot of questions about… how to look and feel more energized. As a working mom, there are definitely times when I struggle with keeping my energy levels up, and sometimes it shows on my skin. We’ve all woken up with dark circles and skin that just looks blah, haven’t we? Fortunately, there are easy strategies that can help. Make them into habits and watch your glow get better every day!

The secret to energized skin at every age:

Cooling and soothing with Gua Sha

One reason we tend to look more tired with age is that our skin thins over the years, due to a normal slow-down in collagen production. Unfortunately, this can make dark circles and dullness look more pronounced. And of course, factors like lack of sleep and stress can steal your glow. But there are ways to help counteract these effects naturally. The most obvious one is to prioritize sleep. And in case you didn’t realize, when you go to bed matters. Hitting the sack before midnight helps optimize your body’s natural circadian rhythm and gives your body the tools it needs to repair itself on a cellular level—that includes your skin.

After you wake up, start your day with a glass (or two!) of room temperature water. This helps to flush out toxins and boost circulation, giving you a feeling of increased energy. I like to keep a bottle and beautiful glass right on my nightstand, so I don’t even have to think twice, I can just drink up. Next, do your facial dry brushing ritual, which kickstarts skin-cell renewal, removes dull dead skin and gives your face a natural glow (read more on part 1 of our series here!).

Next, it’s time to grab your Stainless Steel Gua Sha. Stainless steel is naturally cooling, but you can also store it in the fridge for even more soothing and de-puffing benefits. Stainless steel is ideal if you’re just starting your Gua Sha ritual or if you travel frequently. It’s naturally antibacterial, and you won’t have to worry about the tool cracking if you happen to drop it (also a benefit if you have little ones who like to play with mom’s beauty products!).

Start by applying either our Organic Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil. This gives your skin “slip” and allows your tool to glide effortlessly. Move the tool in gentle upward motions to get stagnant fluid moving. The circulation boost will also give your face a healthy-looking glow. On your under eye area, use extra light pressure. Also, make sure to move your Gua Sha tool all the way from your nose to your ear. This helps decongest and ease sinus pressure, which depuffs your eyes and gives you more energized, wide-awake look. You can do this routine every day, or anytime you need an instant energy boost.

 xo, Gigi 

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