Destination: Bogota, 2600 Meters Closer To The Stars

Bogota is the capital and the largest city in Colombia. It’s also the city where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. While I haven’t lived in Bogota in over 20 years, I consider myself well versed in the city’s newest and sexiest scenes. So, allow a local-ish to help you explore the city. 
Travel time:
From Miami you can fly AA or Avianca daily. Flights are usually affordable, available and aprox 3 hours long.
Where To Stay:
The Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina is my favorite hotel in Bogota. It’s colonial architecture makes you feel like you’re in a castle. The attention to detail and outstanding service make your stay that much more enjoyable. It’s located in Zona G, an area surrounded by the best bars and restaurants in the city.
Where To Eat:
If you’re looking for authentic Colombian food, look no further and head straight to La Candelaria. This colonial neighborhood in downtown Bogota hosts the oldest restaurant in the city, La Puerta Falsa, known for its tamales, huevos pericos, hot chocolate and many other traditional Bogotanian food.
La Perseverancia is another of my favorite neighborhoods in Bogota and the place has the best ajiaco in town. You should definitely try this dish, a traditional stew made with chicken, potatoes, and corn. 
LEO. Known as the best restaurant in Colombia and #46 in Latin America. Chef Leonor Espinoza showcases the best of Colombian cuisine with funky, traditional ingredients in a sexy fine-dining setting. 
Where To Move:
I like to take advantage of my surroundings and go for daily hikes to breathe the fresh mountain air. Rise with the sun and head to Quebrada La Vieja for an ecological hike or head over to Monserrate for a more steep, cardio boosting workout. 
What To See:
You must go to La Candelaria, my favorite neighborhood in Bogota since I was a little girl. It’s the most traditional form of Bogota lifestyle and home to the Gold Museum, the Art Collection of the Bank of the Republic, the Plaza de Bolivar, The Palacio de Nariño, Museo Nacional de Colombia, and the Museo Botero. 
…and if you feel like dancing, make sure to head to Quiebra Canto, a well-known salsa bar in downtown bogota.
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