• Girl Of The Month: Meet Miriam Ghandour.

    Before I introduce this month’s girl of the month, I wanted to use this space to say: THANK YOU! Thank you for your continued support, and for loving what we’re doing here at delaheart. I often get questions like: Who’s the next girl of the month or can I be next? I LOVE it, and I am so grateful for it all!
    I know you all love the “girl of the month” feature, so let me get to it. With this new gig I get to meet plenty of like-minded people, who, I want to connect to everyone else! This is the case with Miriam “Mimi” Ghandour, who I met at my yoga studio and connected instantly. We not only share the passion for yoga, but for great fashion and unique style.
    Mimi was born in Paris and raised in Saudi Arabia by Lebanese parents—hence the fabulous and eclectic style. Her mother, Farah, was a fashion stylist and the owner of a high-end clothing boutique in the Middle East. While working with her mom, Mimi, was able to tap into her passion for fashion and style.
    Later she moved to Miami, where Miriam founded @mimiliciousofficial—a blog where she shares her passion for fashion and well-being, as well as her journey with her daughter Hala, who suffers from Hypotonia. If you’re looking for fashion inspo and positive vibes—this is your girl!

    Occupation: Yoga Instructor and founder of Mimilicious.

    What’s a day in Mimi’s life like?
    As a mother of two, my kids are the center of my universe. My life revolves around them. I take them to school, then I’m off to practice or teach yoga. After that, I go home and cook lunch, then I pick up my kids and take my daughter to therapy. Once we are done, we return home and have an early dinner and get ready for bed.

    How did you get started with your fashion/blogger career?
    My fashionable outfits and yoga-style gained the admiration of many in my yoga classes. One day, a classmate came up to me and asked: “Are you a fashion blogger?” I humbly said: No, I’m not…” to which the classmate responded: “Well you should be a fashion blogger, because I love your style and how you put things together. Please consider it.”

    That same day, before I went to bed, I started my blog via Instagram. I thought 
of several names at first, then a light switch came on as I recalled a term my friends use to describe things that I would wear or enjoy “Mimilicious”. As such, I decided to make the name of my blog “Mimilicious”.
    In my blog, I share my passion for fashion and yoga, but also my travel adventures and the journey through the difficulties I face daily with my daughter, Hala, who suffers from Hypotonia.

    How do you find time to do it all—family, work, fun, etc?
    As is the case with many of us, time management is very difficult. Because my days are quite busy, I’m usually in bed by 7pm. However, I try to push myself to complete as many tasks as I can each day.

    Can’t leave the house without?
    Favorite coffee shop in Miami.
    Chocolate fashion
    Favorite season.
    Best way to decompress at home.
    Cook and spend time with my kids
    Last thing you cooked.
    Lentil salad
    On your reading list.
    I know this much is true -Wally lamb

    What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen?
    I practice yoga every single day.
    Where do you work out and why do you go there?
    I practice the traditional Ashtanga practice called “mysore”. Ahana Yoga, has a great program so I go there.
    What is your approach to nutrition?
    Eat clean and healthy most of the time but allow myself to indulge in delicious treats from time to time.
    What are your lifestyle “must-do’s”?
    Call my parents, best friend, and drink coffee everyday.
    What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist?

    What’s your “passed down from Mom” beauty secret?
    Positive thinking!
    Most creams are the same. Don’t fall for the expensive ones!
    Your “can’t live without” beauty product.
    Ole henrikson truth serum
    Beauty secret.
    I sometimes use preparation H under my eyes to reduce the puffiness. Lol
    Best beauty tip.
    Hydrate your skin, lips and body. Drink lots of water.
    Favorite place to get beautified in Miami.
    Logan skin care clinic

    Favorite app.
    Last person you texted.
    My best friend
    Person you text the most.
    My best friend that lives in Paris
    Favorite social-media platform.
    Last google search.
    Benefits of Prayanama breathing.
    App your most embarrassed to have on your phone.

    Ideal “date night” outfit.
    Jumpsuit by Alexis.
    Favorite outfit.
    Dolce and Gabbana cocktail dresses.
    Place you want to travel next.
    Words to live by.
    Love all. Trust few. Everything’s real but not everyone is true.
    What career would you choose in your next life.
    Beautician/hair dresser

    For more on Mimi, follow her on instragram @mimiliciousofficial and visit her blog www.mimilicious.net. 

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  • Girl of the Month: Alessandra Meyer Woelden

    I always look forward to the girl of the month feature. My intention is to show how unique, raw, and real these girls are. It’s something that always touches me in other women. I love creating content around what it means to be successful for a woman, which I believe looks different for everybody. Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer Woelden defines success on her own terms. This German beauty is a model, TV host, jewelry designer, digital influencer, and a mom of 5—yes, you read it right, FIVE! Talk about a woman who does it all.
    We talked to Sandy about love, health, beauty, sex, and we will be sharing it with you all month long! Enjoy!!
    Please tell us what you do for a living. 
    I have worked in the entertainment industry in Germany for the last 10 years, mostly in front of the camera. I have also been modeling since I was 16 years old and last but not least own my own brand lovechild.

    How did you get started with your career?
    I always was intrigued by the entertainment industry so I decided that I wanted to work on television. Once I put that in my mind I decided to study broadcasting at the University of Miami.

    How’s a day in Sandy’s life?
    Suuuper hectic as being the CEO of a family of 7 is not always easy, but thankfully rewarding. 🙂

    What’s the one thing you can’t leave your house without?
    Besides my cell phone, living in Miami I would have to say Sunscreen, SPF 50 as I am paranoid about being overexposed to the sun.

    How do you find time to do it all—family, work, fun, etc?
    I guess being German I was taught to have a solid structure and to be well organized. We have a daily routine that rarely changes and everything is organized around that. I basically have the whole family on a schedule.

    What’s your go-to fitness routine or regimen?
    I try to work out 5 times a week. I like to change things up as I get bored repeating the same fitness routine over and over. I like to do different workouts on different days, combining things such as Dance with Power Pilates on a weekly basis.

    Where do you work out and why do you go there?
    I like to work out at DBC Fitness in the Design District. There is a lot of top athletes training there, so I find the setting to be extremely professional and of course motivating.

    What is your approach to nutrition?
    Being a mother of 5 children, living a healthy lifestyle is key and that starts with nutrition. You are what you eat and that is what I teach my children everyday!!!!!

    What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? 
    I don’t believe in dieting! I believe the key is being consistent about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, in order to avoid a roller coaster ride. 

    What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist?
    Bags and shoes hahahahaha. Let’s consider that a cheat treat...they last longer than any dessert! 😋

    What is the one beauty product you can’t live without?
    I am crazy about removing all my makeup before going to sleep. So I’ve been obsessed with the Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover for many years!

    What’s your beauty secret?
    Keeping my face hydrated with hyaluronic acid serum on a daily basis!

    What’s your favorite “date night” restaurant in Miami?
    Cipriani downtown! 

    What’s the perfect “first date” outfit.
    Not too risky, but still sexy! 

    Describe your ideal Valentine’s day date. 
    I’m a die hard romantic, so in my ideal world the date would last all day...start with breakfast in bed, continue with a romantic couples spa day and end with a beautiful candlelit dinner for 2!

    What are 3 gifts a girl could give their guy for Valentine’s day?
    I thought it was only the guys giving the girls? Lol! .... 😂

    If you had to give one piece of advise for single girls out there looking for “the one”, what would it be?
    Stop stressing about it....all you need is 1 good one...and he is out there!!!!!
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  • Girl of the Month: Meet Maky Hinson

    I think we can all agree that 2017 was a powerful year—to say the least. I think we can also agree on the fact that we're all very happy 2018 is here. On a personal level, I had my best year yet! I am beyond grateful to my husband, my friends and family, and every single one of you who supported me on making De La Heart a reality. THANK YOU! We have soooo much in store for 2018 and we can’t wait to share it all with you guys. 
    Every month we feature a new #delaheart girl. My intention with this feature is to bring light to the women in our community that are doing it all, or at least trying. From time to time, as women, we get lost in our daily roles and we loose motivation to pursue our passions, dreams, careers (or at least I do). I have found that connecting with other women helps me get back on track, get motivatited, or simply get that “If she can do it, so can I!” feeling that it’s so empowering!
    I wanted to kick off 2018 with the chic foot so I couldn’t think of anyone who does chic better than Maky Hinson. She is Vogue magazine's “Miami's IT girl”, my Colombian soul sister (no, we are not related), kind-hearted, solid friend and human being, wife, mom of 2, and together with her husband, the pioneers of the art scene in Miami. She holds a chair in the acquisition board of the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), Miami’s newest museum dedicated to innovative and experimental contemporary art, where she puts her knowledge about art and fashion to good use. Get to know Maky this month, as she shares her secrets about beauty and health, art, and fashion.

    Please tell us what you do for a living. I am currently full-time mom to my two boys, Rocco and Kristopher, 6 and 1. I also travel the world with my husband in the search for new talent, artists and fashion designers, to add to our private collection.
    Where does your passion for art and fashion come from? My dad is an architect so I grew up surrounded by art and design. The creativity behind my dad’s architectural projects always inspired me to pursue my passion for art and fashion.
    Who’s your favorite fashion designer? I don’t have a favorite designer, I do, however, love the classic designs of Chanel and Valentino. I like to have fun with my clothes so I lean towards the bold prints and bright colors of Mary Katrantzou and Miu Miu.
    Who’s your favorite contemporary artist? Mike Kelley. He’s one of the most influential artists of our time, his work is beautiful and its intended to make the viewer uncomfortable and confused. Im into that, hahaha!
    What’s the one thing you never leave your house with? Sunblock! Specially living in Miami.
    What’s your New Year resolution? I have been on mommy mode for a while now. This year, I want to kickstart my new project. I can’t give you too many details, but all I can say is that it will be amazing!
    Where do you want to travel to in 2018? I love to travel. We do it for work and for fun. I love being exposed to different cultures and meeting different people. This year I want to visit Japan, Iceland, and Croatia.
    What’s your go-to workout routine or regimen? I am all for low-intensity workouts. I believe a woman’s body responds its best when its relaxed. I go for long walks for cardio, I do Pilates a few times a week, and I have my trainer Kathy Donatto to work on those particularly stubborn areas.
    Where do you work out and why do you go there? Because of my kids I like to workout at home or I go to the Pilates Place on Biscayne. It’s convenient and it allows for an in and out workout.
    What is your approach to nutrition? I grew up in Colombia so we were raised on real, whole food. Nothing processed, everything homemade, and always organic. I still eat like that, and I make sure my kids do too.
    What are your lifestyle “must-do’s” and your absolute “no ways”? Drink plenty of water, get 8-10 hours of sleep, avoid the sun, late nights, and alcohol.
    What’s the cheat treat you can’t resist? Like a proper Colombian I can’t say no to a Chocolatina Jet. Chocolate is definitely my favorite treat.
    What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? The Vitamin C serum from SkinCeuticals. Life changing.
    What’s your beauty secret? I don't get ANY sun on my face. I carry and wear a hat with me at all times. I also wash my face 3 times a day only with filtered water.
    What’s your favorite restaurant in Miami? I like simple and fresh food. Nobu and Milos provide both with great flavors and an enjoyable ambiance.
    Describe your ideal “date night” outfit. I’m either in workout clothes running after my kids or rocking a Miu Miu sequined mini dress and really high heels. So it depends on where we’re going…hahaha!


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  • Girl of the Month: Meet Danie Gomez-Ortigoza

    Happy first day of December fam! I LOVE the holidays and this month just makes me happy. I am so excited to introduce our girl of the month, Danie Gomez-Ortigoza, a nomadic story-teller with a chameleonic career, and an absolute passion for Latin America and for fashion as a reflection of the self.

    Danie and I met at an "influencers" event in Miami a few years back, and we immediately hit it off. She's the definition of an influencer, as she's helped me pursue my passions and has been a huge supporter to De La Heart since day one. Her kind energy is contagious, beautiful inside and out (sounds cheesy but its true), talented writer, motivational speaker, mommy of 2, wife, and a true mover and shaker. Enjoy getting to know her, as much as I have through the years!

    How did you stumble upon your career? 

    Creativity has been the only constant throughout my career. My first job was as a TV host for Disney Club in Mexico City when I was 15. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and did branding for different companies and agencies in Mexico, Canada and Sweden. Life turned me into a feminist while building the Mexican Delegation for the Women's Forum for Economy and Society, presided by Salma Hayek, in France, where I met the most spectacular women. Later, I had a love affair with writing, while being the Correspondent for Glamour Mexico and Latin America. I'm married to a French man, and have two children. You can recognize me by my "Floridian Frida" braid which I carry as a feminist manifesto whenever I'm on a mission. I share my journey through life on www.journeyofabraid.com and @journeyofabraid. 

    Describe a day in Danie's life.


    I run from place to place all day long. My boys wake me up every day at 6.30am. No idea how they can be so precise... always 6.30. I prepare their morning smoothie, which is basically my daily magic potion, given that it's made with lucuma, acai, maca, ginger, etc. Once I'm done with that, I take care of the rest of their breakfast and lunch bags, stress myself as I prepare them for school, and rush to make it on time. I drive back home, or head over to meetings, depending on the day. My phone doesn't leave my hand one second as I answer emails and plan my weekly content, and agenda. In average, every two weeks I prepare a big photo-shoot with my superstar photographer, Celia D Luna, that helps me plan my content ahead and build stories. At 4 I pick up my boys and take them to the respective after-school activities, bathe then, prepare them for bed, and once they are sleeping, I head to events, 2 to 3 nights per week. If I don't go out, I usually work until I go to bed, or read. Writing is tricky... I don't decide when words come to me. It's all dependent on my emotional state.

    Where does your passion for fashion come from?

    I was never the well-dressed girl at school. On the contrary: I did weird combinations. I grew up with my dad, who didn't even notice what I was wearing, so I was free to decide. For me it was an absolute surprise to be featured by Elle USA as one of the style icons of Miami for their 'Style across America' series.
    I'm reality, I've always been passionate for theater, and for the possibility that acting gives you of being someone else. Clothes always held that power for me. In the end, we are just silly souls hanging out inside a body. Fashion allows you to express, and often decide, whose inside.

    Who's your favorite fashion designer? I'm passionate about the designs of Latin American indigenous communities. Their interpretation of color and texture is unique. They do clothes with love: they weave them the same way communities are bound to be weaved together. They are conscious about the environment and don't waste materials, because they run scarce.

    What's the one thing you can't leave your house with? My house, and red lipstick! When I have a really bad day, it's the only thing that can make me feel better.

    How do you find time to do it all--family, work, fun etc? I don't -- I fail at least in one area of my life every single day. But I make sure I don't fail too often on the same one, in order to keep balance. Being at peace with the fact that I can't do it all everyday, gives me peace.

    What's your go-to fitness routine or regime? I do yoga once or twice a week, and try to walk as often as I can.

    Where do you work out and why do you go there? I go to Om Movement, because it's close to my house, and there's a teacher that aligns me emotionally every time I practice with her. That's priceless. 

    What brand of workout gear do you wear when working out and why? I don't use any particular brand. For me it's important not to look too well when I do yoga. I usually don't wear makeup and do a mix match between American Apparel and whatever falls off my closet. You see, I spend my days having to look good, and as much as it's something I enjoy, it becomes overwhelming. So many people tell me all the time I look beautiful. First world problem, right? But it really becomes a burden at some point. I like knowing I'm more than what meets the eye. My Tuesdays are mostly unglamorous and off-duty. 

    What is your approach to nutrition? I can't tolerate dairy, I eat 5 times a day, and rarely eat meat. I love salads, veggies, and everything cut from the earth. My morning smoothie is my savior. You can tell when I was on vacation, and didn't take it because my skin goes dull. I often drink ginger tea, boiled directly from the root.

    What are your lifestyle's "must-dos" and your absolute "no ways"?
    Must sleep 7 hours
    Must drink warm lime water before I start my day.
    Must have coffee ever since my second choice is was born.
    Must value my time, and who I spend it with.
    Must trust my instincts.

    No way's- Never drink too much, never eat if you feel full, never say yes if you don't want to do it.

    What's the cheat treat you can't resist? Mexican chócale bunnies by a brand called Turin, and kinder surprise eggs (the ones that are forbidden in the USA)

    What's the one beauty product you can't live without? My La Mer cream. I need it. 🙈

    What's your beauty secret? Knowing that my time in this world is limited.

    What's your favorite restaurant in Miami? Mandolin!

    What's the last book you read? Women Who Run With Wolves. It's a must read. 

    Describe your "ideal" date-night outfit. I haven't been out on a date in 8 years! My husband doesn't like to go out. But my go to'event' outfit is a dress layered with a pleated or tulle skirt.

    If you had to give one piece of advice to girls trying to start their own business, what would it be? Ask questions. Find mentors. Build a network. You can do it. 


    I meannnnn...how cool is she??? Thank you Danie for sharing a bit of your life with us. We love you!!


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  • The 3 ‘Summer Trends’ I Loved

    Hi, guys!

    Summer is coming to an end so I wanted to share with ya’ll a little recap of what (I believe) were the top fashion trends of summer 2017. Looking cute and stylish in 100-degree weather can turn into a daily challenge, and to be honest I am SO over it. Can it be Fall already? Anyway… the past three months I decided to keep it simple so I went back to basics. My top 3: denim, white tees, and fabulous hats.  

    1. DENIM: Vintage Levi’s makes a huge comeback through my current fave—RE/DONE. A luxury label founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur that looks to keep heritage brands relevant by restoring pre-loved jeans, modernizing the fit, and creating one of a kind pieces you will love forever. Another soldier of the sustainable fashion army. RE/DONE is definitely not your average denim company! shopredone.com


    1. WHITE TEES: RE/DONE and HANES partnered up to bring the “1950s BOXY TEE’’ back. A $78 t-shirt (I know, expensive) that I can’t stop wearing! The fit is what got me to spend this much $ on a t-shirt, but the quality is what made me fall in love with it! Listen to this, no holes after washing it multiple times. #winning This tee is now available in multiple colors on their site. shopredone.com


    1. HATS: I LOVE hats because they complement your outfits, come in handy on bad hair days, and PROTECT YOUR SKIN FROM THE SUN. Win, win, win! Hats have been my go-to accessory this summer, and I’m ALL over the hand-painted Panama hats. Colombian artisans added colorful and innovative designs to these hats turning them into works of art and one-of-a-kind stylish pieces. Colombia’s hottest summer trend has taken over the beaches worldwide, and we have a few are available here for you. Don’t miss out! SHOP, SHOP, SHOP.

    Hand-Painted Hat live from Mexico.



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